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Flight Simulators

Flight simulators recreate the experience of flying an aircraft by utilizing virtual reality software for the purpose of pilot training and technical development. The aircraft systems, flight controls, and air conditions are all replicated, allowing the pilot to experience different flight scenarios. Simulators can range from full-sized cockpits on hydraulic actuators with state-of-the-art technology to desktop computer-based games.

Commercial travel airlines and the military have been using flight simulators for over two decades. They are essential in developing pilots’ skills in handling the controls and operations of differing aircraft, developing their understanding of flight principles in varying operating conditions, and increasing their capacity to understand differing avionics systems and software.

Aircraft engineers use simulators to test how new modifications perform in different environments and conditions; technical developments require a place to be practiced. Aircraft safety systems can also be pushed to their practical boundaries, allowing research and development on current/new practices. Research can also be performed in the areas of human factors affecting flight, equipment and procedural development, and accident evaluations. Airport functionality can also be tested in simulators including runway space, takeoff, and landing.

Aircraft Spare Parts

Aircraft spare parts includes any of the components involved in aircraft construction that haven’t been used yet. This includes rivets, fasteners, electrical components, seats, or any other excess part. A majority of spare aircraft parts and components are derived from planes that have been decommissioned. The parts of an aircraft can fulfill valuable purposes even when the aircraft has been deemed inoperable. The amount of parts that can be reused depends on the overall age of the aircraft; their decommissioning timeframe fluctuates with the demand for working spare parts. A fairly new A320 aircraft can have as many as 1,200 reusable components, although most of the value lies in the engine.

Engines are in high demand because their turbines contain rotating blades that must be swapped out regularly to stay in compliance with safety regulations. Trading out these blades for used ones can cost upwards of two million dollars, roughly half the price of buying new parts. Once an aircraft has been stripped of all of its usable parts, the metal frame is melted down and used as scrap. In some cases, the raw materials are repurposed; there are multiple recycling operations in the US and Europe specializing in this processing. Aircraft are inspected for key components that can still serve a purpose, and when there’s nothing left, the remains are melted down for scrap metal. Breaking down an aircraft requires specialized skills and training—combined with modern technology—to gather, separate, and recycle the different components, alloys, plastics, and fluids.

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
20D22485-109 Aerosonic Slide Evac Syst RFQ
2100-1010-00 Aerosonic Voice Activated Switch RFQ
2100-1010-02 Aerosonic Cockpit Voice Recorder RFQ
285T0629-77 Aerosonic Panel RFQ
201107004 Aeronetics Main Landing Gear RFQ
201520004 Aeronetics Harness 2M Rh RFQ
217200-6 Aeronetics Valve,Check Fuel RFQ
21C1-3-21 Aeronetics Lowfuelpressswitch RFQ
224053-03 Aeronetics Pcu RFQ
U370Y10 Aeronautical Access Power Supply RFQ
U37Y500 Aeronautical Access Power Supply RFQ
5910557-110 Aerocorp. O/B Mlg Door RFQ
1234T100 Aerocontrolex Group Turn & Bank Ind RFQ
5001768 Aerocontrolex Group Fasteners RFQ
50-0177 Aerocontrolex Group Light Runway Turnoff RFQ
ASM4-15 Aerocontrolex Group Bearing RFQ
ASP7330 Aerocontrolex Group Fuel Pressure Transmitter RFQ
27-71039-005 Aero Designs Control Stop RFQ
2100002-01-225 Aero Restraint System RFQ
285U0079-207 Aerco Card File RFQ
69-56037U1 Aerco Tee Clip RFQ
05814-16 Aerazur Fluorescent Lamp Ballast RFQ
10-60706 Aerazur Start Valve Motor RFQ
5-71762-3126 Aeg Sliding Window Assy RFQ
7X1.5MM-NBR80 Aeg Seal RFQ
NRC6047-512 Aeg No. 1 Spoiler RFQ
RSF503B-2330-00-17 Aeg Industrial Power Supply RFQ
12243-12 Ae&T Solenoid Valve RFQ
12243-14 Ae&T Solenoid Valve RFQ
D5311001802001 Ae&T Sliding Window Assy RFQ
D5311001802251 Ae&T Sliding Window Assy RFQ
D5528000302100 Advantech Elevator Assy RFQ
D5528000302200 Advantech Elevator Assy RFQ
D5528000302300 Advantech Elevator Assy RFQ
D5528000302400 Advantech Elevator Assy RFQ
D5528000302500 Advantech Elevator Assy RFQ
D5528000302600 Advantech Elevator Assy RFQ
D5528000302700 Advantech Elevator Assy RFQ
D5528000302800 Advantech Elevator Assy RFQ
9599-607-12107 Advanced Simulation Technology Indicateur Radioaltimetre RFQ
75-0362-XX Advanced Electronis Design Annunciator Panel RFQ
A2754012105200 Advance Technical Services Rod Assy RFQ
A2791228000001 Advance Technical Services Bellcrank Assy-First RFQ
NAS1149DN332J Advance Power Supplies Washer RFQ
NAS1149E0732P Advance / Gould Washer-Limited Bc-Bk RFQ
1151934-1303 Advance Panel RFQ
250N2004-1121 Advance Control Rod Assy RFQ
777-1493-001 Advance Adf Control Unit RFQ
BACB28AK03-031 Advance Bushing RFQ
BACB28AK03-047 Advance Bushing RFQ
NAS1149D0916J Advance Washer RFQ
NAS114ACC332R Advance Washer RFQ
65-67130-31 Ads Carriage Assy RFQ
822-1121-007 Ads Ctl-23C Comm Control Unit RFQ
D5528000303500 Ads Elevator Assy RFQ
R6259-783 Ads Annunciator Panel RFQ
309RGS/5 Adel Rategyro RFQ
30A8-690 Adel Hydflowregulatorvalve RFQ
30E02-5C Adel Generator Dc RFQ
3352-53-10 Adel Sidewall And Ceiling Lights RFQ
3571212-3003 Adel Indicator RFQ
3571320-0019 Adel Synchro Indicator RFQ
3571320-0030 Adel Synchro Indicator RFQ
3571320-0035 Adel Synchro Indicator RFQ
65-24736-X Adel Reservoir, Aux. RFQ
65-24789-4 Adel Bracket RFQ
65-74038-16 Adel Mechanism, Aileron Tab Control RFQ
D2370-54 Adel Firewire RFQ
PT-L750 Adel Projector Lamp RFQ
PT-L758 Adel Projector Lamp RFQ
PT-LB1V Adel Projector Lamp RFQ
SP113A8 Adel Pin RFQ
8101-76-0000B Ade Oven RFQ
ARH1670-7 Adamsriteaerospace O/B Slat Retainer Drum RFQ
ARH1670-8 Adamsriteaerospace O/B Slat Retainer Drum RFQ
ARH1712-1 Adamsriteaerospace Handle Assembly RFQ
ARH7017-1 Adamsriteaerospace Support Assembly RFQ
103E4933G105 Adams Rite Sabre Electronic Control Unit RFQ
682R670G01 Adams Rite Sabre Transmitter Radar RFQ
MS24693C274 Adams Rite Sabre Screw RFQ
MS24693S265 Adams Rite Sabre Screw RFQ
MS24693S277 Adams Rite Sabre Screw RFQ
MS24693-S32 Adams Rite Sabre Screw RFQ
MS24694S122 Adams Rite Sabre Screw RFQ
MS24694-S61 Adams Rite Sabre Screw RFQ
MS25036-103 Adams Rite Sabre Terminal RFQ
MS25036-149 Adams Rite Sabre Red Ring Lugs RFQ
MS25043-20D Adams Rite Sabre Cover, Electrical RFQ
MS25123-1-2 Adams Rite Sabre Board-Terminal RFQ
MS25226/2-2 Adams Rite Sabre Bus, Conductor RFQ
MS25226-2-3 Adams Rite Sabre Bus Bar RFQ
MS25226-2-4 Adams Rite Sabre Bus Bar RFQ
ARG7333-3 Adams Rite Aerospace Fixed Side Brace RFQ
ARG7333-5 Adams Rite Aerospace Fixed Side Brace RFQ
ARG7432-X Adams Rite Aerospace Cylinder Assy RFQ
ARG7534-1 Adams Rite Aerospace Link Assembly RFQ
40P1705-4 Acurex Button RFQ
250N2004-323 Acr Electronics Control Rod Assy RFQ
250N2004-324 Acr Electronics Control Rod Assy RFQ
250N2004-326 Acr Electronics Control Rod Assy RFQ
250N2004-331 Acr Electronics Control Rod Assy RFQ
AYG7323-5001 Acr Valve Assy., Flap Lock RFQ
AYG7323-5501 Acr Valve Assy., Flap Lock RFQ
1238-123 Acorn Nav Light Assy RFQ
601R38440-XX Acopian Service Door Hinge Assy RFQ
792367J Acme Electric Valve RFQ
792-607 Acme Electric Simu Fuel Quantity I RFQ
7927556 Acme Electric Controller-Pressure RFQ
3022230C Acme Seal RFQ
65C37471-3 Aci Air Controls Inst Kit RFQ
10-1645 Acdc Electronics Simu Ac Frequency Me RFQ
3112257-01 Acdc Electronics Wiring Harness RFQ
3112273-01 Acdc Electronics Thermocouple RFQ
65C37971-5 Acdc Electronics Feel & Centering Unit Assy. RFQ
AD-D-37192-2 Acdc Electronics Power Supply Board RFQ
312N5349-6 Accessoryproducts Fitting Assy RFQ
312N5349-7 Accessoryproducts Fitting Assy RFQ
65B39300-29 Accessoryproducts Inboard Leading Edge Krueger Flap Ay. 13 RFQ
HG180U850 Accessoryproducts Airdatacomp RFQ
HG180U851 Accessoryproducts Airdatacomp RFQ
HG480B100 Accessoryproducts Airdatacomp RFQ
66-24505-7 Absc Retainer RFQ
TLP-XD3000A Abs Projector Lamp RFQ
UL12-163SPO Abs Hydraulicro Lock RFQ
UM330Wi-WK1 Abs Projector Lamp RFQ
VGS1145C175 Abs Bolt RFQ
B711-1-1 Ablecorporation Oilqtyind RFQ
D6490-16 Ablecorp Taxi Light RFQ
D6490-17 Ablecorp Taxi Light RFQ
5930480-516 Abg-Semca Outboard Flap And Vane Assembly RFQ
65B02100-40 Abg-Semca Outboard Aileron Assembly B747 RFQ
19241-5A Abex Fuse RFQ
391046-05128 Abex Liquid Quantity Tran. RFQ
65-23719-2 Abex Door RFQ
65-23719-5 Abex Door RFQ
BACB10AC3L Abex Bearing RFQ
BACN11P4B3 Abex Nutplate RFQ
PX1571-C1 Abex Pcxi 250 Watt Power Supply RFQ
5930496-1 Abb Power Supplies Flap Vane Assy RFQ
AY-241A5B Abb Power Supplies Resolver RFQ
2041234-3431 Abb Rna-34A RFQ
82152-33D01300-2 Abb Waveguide Switch RFQ
82SDSCC-D-0110-1 Abb Wafer RFQ
G1446XX Abb Panel RFQ
38499900D Aae Gearhead, Clutch RFQ
3850125-X Aae Valve, Shuttle RFQ
385-20-10 Aae Power Supply Board RFQ
38531-702 Aae Boot RFQ
3860398-1 Aae Bearing RFQ
3860399-1 Aae Gear Shaft RFQ
3862112C1 Aae Trim RFQ
3862160-3 Aae Fan Assy RFQ
91828231 A.P.Precision Breathing Air Sensor RFQ
MY20163-72-1 A.P.Precision Bavette Volet RFQ
MY2027223810 A.P.Precision Guignol Commande Profondeur RFQ
3067631-5114 A.P.P.H Radio Altimter RFQ
31012-400-52 A.P.P.H Coil, Magnetic 240V, 60C RFQ
310-13636-01 A.P.P.H Transformer Auto RFQ
310-13642-01 A.P.P.H Transformer RFQ
310-13644-01 A.P.P.H Transformer RFQ
310-18132-01 A.P.P.H Transformer RFQ
727MV-BU12 A.P.P.H Moving Coil Scale Indicator RFQ
727MV-BU14 A.P.P.H Moving Coil Scale Indicator RFQ
727MV-BU16 A.P.P.H Moving Coil Scale Indicator RFQ
727MV-BU19 A.P.P.H Moving Coil Scale Indicator RFQ
727MV-BU22 A.P.P.H Moving Coil Scale Indicator RFQ
727MV-BU26 A.P.P.H Moving Coil Scale Indicator RFQ
727MV-BU30 A.P.P.H Moving Coil Scale Indicator RFQ
727MV-BU32 A.P.P.H Moving Coil Scale Indicator RFQ
727MV-BU37 A.P.P.H Moving Coil Scale Indicator RFQ
B12F100 A.P.P.H Power Supply RFQ
B13-941 A.P.P.H Clock RFQ
B1404-2 A.P.P.H Indicator Hyd Quantity RFQ
B1425-1 A.P.P.H Fuel Load Selector RFQ
B1425-5 A.P.P.H Fuel Load Selector RFQ
B1438-1 A.P.P.H Stick Shaker RFQ
B14700 A.P.P.H Hydraulic Jack Assemblies RFQ
B14767 A.P.P.H Operating Strut Damp.Assy RFQ
B525151 A.P.P.H Capacitor RFQ
DM7408N A.P.P.H Ic RFQ
8DJ81LWB A.P.C. Tach Ind RFQ
8DJ81LWH A.P.C. Tach Ind RFQ
L98A654 A.P.C. Indicator, Magnetic Level RFQ
2109-181552-1 A.K. Fans Heat Exchanger RFQ
65B11668-187 A.K. Fans Wing Landing Gear Outboard Door Assembly RFQ
504-0111-904 A.I.P Attitude Indicator RFQ
504-0111-906 A.I.P Attitude Indicator RFQ
601R404672-77 A.E.I. Blanketassy RFQ
64771-001-003 A.E.I. Beverage Maker RFQ
65B06712-9915 A.E.I. Fairingpanel RFQ
233U3207-316 A/Cporousmedia Miscellaneous Switching Control Module A RFQ
233U3207-317 A/Cporousmedia Miscellaneous Switching Control Module A RFQ
VMTR02A-100CE A-1 Components Corp / Watsco Comp Cetia Pcb RFQ
383093-04889 3Y Power Technology Fuel Quantity Indicator RFQ
3053909-01 3Dlabs Fuel Manifold Adapter RFQ
607148-1-1 3Dlabs Temperature Sensor RFQ
26030 3Com Valve-Flow Divider & Dump RFQ
ADA0037-1 3Com Base Assembly RFQ
PW1109PG-SB 3Com Indicator Desynn RFQ

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