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With NSN Axis as your strategic purchasing partner, we streamline your procurement process from bottom to top. Utilize our one-stop-shop platform to find aircraft spare parts by part number, manufacturer, and more. We readily supply over 3 billion new and obsolete items, including 0418KMBMB, 04-31-123, 04-4075-1, 0-45-5000, 046056/AP by manufacturers like Aircraft Parts Co., Aircraftbrakingsystems, Aircruiser for a wide range of aircraft models. Are you looking for parts by standards and specs? Take a look at our standards page to find parts by BAC, AN, NAS, and more. With an unmatched supply-chain, we provide the fastest lead times and turnaround times in the industry. Would you like to see a quote? Simply submit an Instant RFQ to get started. 

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
0418KMBMB Aircraft Parts Co. Switch Mach RFQ
04-31-123 Aircraft Parts Co. Plunger RFQ
04-4075-1 Aircraft Parts Co. Switch RFQ
0-45-5000 Aircraft Parts Co. Bolts RFQ
046056/AP Aircraft Parts Co. End Section RFQ
04631-100 Aircraft Parts Co. Barco Projector, Model 7064 RFQ
285T0771-1 Aircraftbrakingsystems Module RFQ
100HM2W Aircruiser Resistor RFQ
10100-X Aircruiser Strut, M.L.G. RFQ
10101-1 Aircruiser Outer Cap RFQ
109644-X Aircruiser Valve, Pnuematic Butterfly S/O RFQ
10964631 Aircruiser Four-Inch Diameter Pneumatic Modulating... RFQ
10964641 Aircruiser Four-Inch Diameter Pneumatic Modulating... RFQ
10964661 Aircruiser Four-Inch Diameter Pneumatic Modulating... RFQ
10964671 Aircruiser Four-Inch Diameter Pneumatic Modulating... RFQ
10964691 Aircruiser Four-Inch Diameter Pneumatic Modulating... RFQ
109692-1 Aircruiser Lop Switch RFQ
109700-2 Aircruiser Valve RFQ
109700-3 Aircruiser Valve RFQ
109700-4 Aircruiser Valve RFQ
109700-5 Aircruiser Valve RFQ
109700-6 Aircruiser Valve RFQ
109700-7 Aircruiser Valve RFQ
109710-2 Aircruiser Fuel Quantity Totalizer RFQ
109710-6 Aircruiser Valve Butterfly RFQ
109788-1 Aircruiser Valve RFQ
201274001-025-05 Aircruiser Bogie And Dressing RFQ
20216-2340830-1-1 Aircruiser Water Extractor RFQ
21607A-CY-04/D430 Aircruiser Uhf Mount RFQ
220900-10152-0009 Aircruiser Indicator RFQ
233U3207-314 Aircruiser Miscellaneous Switching Control Module A RFQ
233U3208-304 Aircruiser Pass Oxygen/Yaw Damper Module Assy M7315 RFQ
233U3208-305 Aircruiser Pass Oxygen/Yaw Damper Module Assy M7315 RFQ
25/B747/0413-1/SA Aircruiser Magazine Pouch RFQ
25HVOL.1-55-12812 Aircruiser Battery RFQ
2731200300101C138 Aircruiser Spring Assy RFQ
285N0005-17-NB203 Aircruiser W549 RFQ
285N0005-17-NE173 Aircruiser P51 Warning Electron RFQ
31721508 Aircruiser Pcb X-Duca RFQ
31730568 Aircruiser Brake Assembly RFQ
31756515 Aircruiser Power Supply C330 RFQ
31756516 Aircruiser Power Supply C340 RFQ
31760001 Aircruiser Fan Assembly RFQ
31765-3M Aircruiser Rod Crod RFQ
31784032 Aircruiser Switch Panel (Service) RFQ
31784035 Aircruiser Switch Panel (Visual) RFQ
31785127 Aircruiser Switch Panel (Misc / Play Back) RFQ
31785128 Aircruiser Switch Panel (Call) RFQ
3178512H Aircruiser Switch Panel (Init / Freeze) RFQ
31790278 Aircruiser Pcb X - Dacovol RFQ
31790471 Aircruiser Circuit Card, Etrsg (Space) RFQ
31790508 Aircruiser Pcb X - Propan RFQ
31791006 Aircruiser Xprocess01 RFQ
31791028 Aircruiser Pcb X - Membus 256 01E RFQ
31791078 Aircruiser Xmaspan RFQ
31791093 Aircruiser Pcb X - Dacovol RFQ
31791095 Aircruiser Pcb X - Membus 256 01E RFQ
31791132 Aircruiser Pcb Xcd - Eb64F RFQ
31791258 Aircruiser X - Panama RFQ
31791288 Aircruiser Xdrp32 RFQ
31791289 Aircruiser Unwired P.C.B. RFQ
31791312 Aircruiser Pcb X - Copainp RFQ
31791419 Aircruiser Pcb X - Propan RFQ
31791557 Aircruiser Circuit Card, Xc0C0Apa Dsi RFQ
31791671 Aircruiser Xdmux32S RFQ
31791708 Aircruiser Xkcesimp33 RFQ
31791714 Aircruiser Xkcessele33 RFQ
31791717 Aircruiser Xkpuce33 RFQ
31791767 Aircruiser Xadadi RFQ
31791845 Aircruiser Xcopra01 RFQ
31791928 Aircruiser Xnupa RFQ
31792002 Aircruiser Circuit Card, Audio Dsi Sound Card RFQ
31792043 Aircruiser Xpanama01 RFQ
31792402 Aircruiser Pcb X - Process RFQ
31792438 Aircruiser Pcb - Pz Card RFQ
31792762 Aircruiser Pcb Adamap 8 RFQ
31792764 Aircruiser P.C.B.,B/Board Memory Simm RFQ
31793106 Aircruiser Etr-Zg(01) Pcb Card Programmed RFQ
31793115 Aircruiser Etr-F(01) Pcb Card Programmed RFQ
31793126 Aircruiser Etr-Ps(01) Pcb Card Programmed RFQ
31793145 Aircruiser Etr-Zr Pcb Card Programmed RFQ
31793163 Aircruiser P.C.B RFQ
31793231 Aircruiser P.C.B. RFQ
31793848 Aircruiser Etrp-P2 Pcb Card Assy RFQ
31793856 Aircruiser Etrp-D1S Pcb Card Assy RFQ
31793896 Aircruiser Etrp-D1S Pcb Card Assy RFQ
31793907 Aircruiser Etrp-P1 Pcb Card Assy RFQ
31793933 Aircruiser Etrod-2 Ckt Card Assembly RFQ
31793934 Aircruiser Etrp-I(01) Pcb Card Programmed RFQ
31793939 Aircruiser Etr-T2 Pcb Card Programmed RFQ
31793944 Aircruiser Etrp-Sg Pcb Card Programmed RFQ
31793946 Aircruiser Etrp-Sr Pcb Card Programmed RFQ
31793984 Aircruiser Circuit Card, Xcd Sc1216S Dsi RFQ
31794101 Aircruiser Pcb Xcd Sc1216S-01 RFQ
31794233 Aircruiser Circuit Card, Ed Arid (Dsi Wxr) RFQ
31794274 Aircruiser Circuit Card, Wired Mam RFQ
31794276 Aircruiser Etr-D1X Pcb Card Assy RFQ
31794318 Aircruiser Pcb - Ram RFQ
31794388 Aircruiser Pcb, Pam - Obsolete, Use 46780380Aa00 RFQ
31794496 Aircruiser Pcb Wired Repadis (Gsd)-[C2000Gp] RFQ
31794504 Aircruiser Etrp-D1S(05) Pcb Programmed RFQ
31794618 Aircruiser P.C.B.,Wired P Dem4 RFQ
31794620 Aircruiser Pcb Assy Pg400Hz RFQ
31794680 Aircruiser Pcb Wired P Reg RFQ
31794705 Aircruiser Pcb Wired Ed Alas RFQ
31794707 Aircruiser Adapter - Babfipas RFQ
31794759 Aircruiser Pcb Prog Assy Etr-Dip (01) RFQ
31794852 Aircruiser Ci Cab Dilrel RFQ
31794986 Aircruiser Pcb Wired Repadis Gsc-[C2000Gp] RFQ
317FL/SB Aircruiser Desynn Indicator RFQ
31801311 Aircruiser Accumulator-Spherical RFQ
31801312 Aircruiser Accumulator-Spherical RFQ
318-100C Aircruiser Oil Pressure Transmitter RFQ
31831-1 Aircruiser Anemometre RFQ
3189-22 Aircruiser Tableau De Panne RFQ
3189-32 Aircruiser Tableau De Panne Avant RFQ
318FL/SB Aircruiser Desynn Indicator RFQ
3191-32 Aircruiser Tableau De Panne Arrière RFQ
3192-11 Aircruiser Tableau De Configuration(Français) RFQ
3192-31 Aircruiser Tableau De Configuration(Anglais) RFQ
31930313 Aircruiser Power Supply Backplane RFQ
31930788 Aircruiser Power Supply RFQ
31938413 Aircruiser Power Supply Backplane RFQ
31940137 Aircruiser Power Supply RFQ
31941852 Aircruiser Power Supply RFQ
31944418 Aircruiser Power Supply RFQ
319465-2 Aircruiser Solenoid RFQ
319525-3 Aircruiser Solenoid Valve RFQ
319525-4 Aircruiser Solenoid Valve RFQ
319525-6 Aircruiser Solenoid Valve RFQ
319525-7 Aircruiser Solenoid Valve RFQ
319525-9 Aircruiser Solenoid Valve RFQ
319525-X Aircruiser Solenoid, Valve Assy. RFQ
319545-3 Aircruiser Valve Solenoid RFQ
319545-7 Aircruiser Valve Solenoid RFQ
319545-8 Aircruiser Valve Solenoid RFQ
319625-1 Aircruiser Solenoid RFQ
319625-5 Aircruiser Valve Solenoid RFQ
4B0352 Aircruiser Pma Drive Assy Housing RFQ
4B7262 Aircruiser Deoiler Casing RFQ
4B7361 Aircruiser Deoiler Casing RFQ
4C203A2 Aircruiser Valve,Check RFQ
4C203A3 Aircruiser Valve,Check RFQ
4C225-8 Aircruiser Valve,Check RFQ
4C3108A Aircruiser Valve RFQ
4C5BU-S Aircruiser Elbow, Flareless RFQ
4D11535 Aircruiser Pipe RFQ
4D11577 Aircruiser Lever RFQ
4D15-90 Aircruiser Transformer RFQ
4E1002M Aircruiser Jet Pipe Shroud RFQ
4E1011M Aircruiser Jet Pipe Shroud RFQ
65B15180-239 Aircruiser Center Wing Le Var. Camber Flap Ay. 6 Th RFQ
65B15522-53C Aircruiser Mov.Fair.#2 RFQ
65B17061-103 Aircruiser Outbd Te Flap Outbd Track (Pos 1 And 8) RFQ
65B17061-104 Aircruiser Outbd Te Flap Outbd Track (Pos 1 And 8) RFQ
65B17063-10M Aircruiser Rh Inbd Te Flap Outbd Track(Pos 6) RFQ
65B39300-33C Aircruiser Krueger Flap Pos 13 RFQ
65B39300-33D Aircruiser Krueger Flap Pos 14 RFQ
65B39300-33M Aircruiser Krueger Flap Pos 13 RFQ
65B39300-34A Aircruiser Krueger Flap Pos 14 RFQ
65B39300-34C Aircruiser Krueger Flap Pos 14 RFQ
65B39300-34D Aircruiser Krueger Flap Pos 14 RFQ
65B39300-39C Aircruiser Krueger Flap Pos 13 RFQ
65B39300-40C Aircruiser Krueger Flap Pos 14 RFQ
65B40110-104 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-130 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-133 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-134 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-146 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-157 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-158 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-169 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-172 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-182 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-192 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-225 Aircruiser Module Assy RFQ
65B40110-237 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-239 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-260 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-293 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-297 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-305 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-306 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-313 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-314 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-324 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-325 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-334 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-336 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-338 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-339 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-343 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B40110-344 Aircruiser Captains Module RFQ
65B50255-224 Aircruiser Outboard Passenger Service Unit Assembly RFQ
65B50255-228 Aircruiser Outboard Passenger Service Unit Assembly RFQ
65B50255-229 Aircruiser Outboard Passenger Service Unit Assembly RFQ
65B50255-338 Aircruiser Outboard Passenger Service Unit Assembly RFQ
65B50255-851 Aircruiser Outboard Passenger Service Unit Assembly RFQ
65B51508-135 Aircruiser Lining Assy RFQ
65B51508-145 Aircruiser Lining Assy RFQ

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