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With NSN Axis as your strategic purchasing partner, we streamline your procurement process from bottom to top. Utilize our one-stop-shop platform to find aircraft spare parts by part number, manufacturer, and more. We readily supply over 3 billion new and obsolete items, including 31P17227-1, 31P17232-1, 31P17233-1, 32000-15DC, 320115-1RG by manufacturers like Aim, Air Control Installations, Air Cruisers, Air Precision, Air Search for a wide range of aircraft models. Are you looking for parts by standards and specs? Take a look at our standards page to find parts by BAC, AN, NAS, and more. With an unmatched supply-chain, we provide the fastest lead times and turnaround times in the industry. Would you like to see a quote? Simply submit an Instant RFQ to get started. 

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
31P17227-1 Aim De-Icer Boot Pw RFQ
31P17232-1 Aim De-Icer Boot Pw RFQ
31P17233-1 Aim De-Icer Boot Pw RFQ
32000-15DC Aim Capacitor RFQ
320115-1RG Aim Shutoff Valv RFQ
3202006-XX Aim Check Valve RFQ
32021466-2 Aim Valve Check RFQ
3202160-XX Aim Check Valve RFQ
3202166-XX Aim Check Valve RFQ
3202176-XX Aim Check Valve RFQ
3202200-XX Aim Lp Bleed Check Valve RFQ
3202232-XX Aim Valve - Check Alt For The 3000 RFQ
3202278-1 Aim Valve,Check-Fan Rev RFQ
3202278-2 Aim Valve,Check-Fan Rev RFQ
3202278-3 Aim Valve,F/R Ground Check RFQ
3202446-1 Aim Air Con Check Valve RFQ
321441 Aim Emergency Power Supply Unit RFQ
3290744-10 Aim Fan Air Valve RFQ
3290744-11 Aim Valve RFQ
3290770-05 Aim Isolation Va RFQ
3291172-XX Aim Pneumatic Butterfly Shutoff RFQ
3291186-5 Aim Turbine Clearance Valve RFQ
3291186-6 Aim Turbine Clearance Valve RFQ
3291214-2 Aim Bleed Air Valve ( Lcv ) RFQ
331A-4 Aim Course Indicator RFQ
345745 Aim Reservoirassemblies,Hyd RFQ
346486 Aim Clamp RFQ
348-17 Aim Air Chiller RFQ
3500-8 Aim Pump Motor Assy RFQ
35-043 Aim Valve, Solenoid Operated RFQ
381326-2-2 Aim Gtcp331-200 [A] RFQ
381326-2-4 Aim Gtcp331-200 [A] RFQ
381352-1-7 Aim Gas Turbine Engine RFQ
381364-1-1 Aim Gtcp331-200 [Ac] RFQ
381364-1-3 Aim Gtcp331-200 [Ac] RFQ
382002-020 Aim Amplifier Bridge RFQ
382041-001 Aim Amplifier / Bridge A RFQ
38210-010 Aim Variométre RFQ
38210-380 Aim Variométre RFQ
38210-397 Aim Variométre RFQ
38210-490 Aim Variométre RFQ
3822000-XX Aim Pwr RFQ
38222-220 Aim Directionnel Eléctrique RFQ
3822504-3 Aim Turbine Shaft RFQ
3828000-XX Aim Rudder Servo Control Module RFQ
3830416-1 Aim Fuel Nozzle RFQ
383152-1-2 Aim Starter RFQ
383152-6-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383198-1-4 Aim Starter RFQ
383222-1-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383222-5-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383296-1-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383342-1-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383342-3-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383342-7-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383350-2-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383350-7-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383350-9-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383370-5-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383370-7-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383392-1-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383392-2-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383670-3-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383670-6-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383702-1-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383702-1-3 Aim Starter RFQ
383780-2-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383780-4-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383780-6-1 Aim Starter RFQ
383904-3-1 Aim Starter RFQ
38399-490 Aim Anémomètre RFQ
38399-AC-M Aim Airspeed Indicator RFQ
38399-AD-M Aim Airspeed Indicator RFQ
3840165-4 Aim 2.Stg. Turbine Rotor Assy RFQ
384022-3-1 Aim Starter RFQ
384022-4-2 Aim Starter RFQ
384178-072 Aim Selector Switch Assy RFQ
384301-009 Aim Thermistor Cont Unit RFQ
384369-020 Aim Fuel Load Limit Control RFQ
384369-023 Aim Fuel Load Limit Control RFQ
384453-001 Aim Volumetrictop-Offdevice RFQ
3860060-XX Aim Actuator RFQ
3862160-10 Aim Fan Assy RFQ
3862775-XX Aim Fan RFQ
3864027-13 Aim Seal 8692 RFQ
3864038-11 Aim Bonded Seal RFQ
3876024-5 Aim Switch,Low Oil Pressure RFQ
3876035-3 Aim Sensor,Inlet Pressure RFQ
3876046-4 Aim Valve RFQ
3876048-2 Aim Switch,Delta P RFQ
3876084-2 Aim Total Pressure Sensor RFQ
3876085-3 Aim Diff. Press. Transducer RFQ
3876085-5 Aim Diff. Press. Transducer RFQ
3876129-XX Aim Ignition Unit RFQ
3876132-7 Aim Ignition Lead RFQ
3876134-1 Aim Pt Sensor RFQ
3876166-1 Aim Valve,Deoil Solenoid RFQ
3876203-1 Aim High Oil Temp.Sensor RFQ
3876219-1 Aim Delta Pressure Sensor RFQ
3876255-2 Aim Low Oil Pressure Switch RFQ
3876271-1 Aim Egt Thermocouple RFQ
3880140-1 Aim Press.Regulator Valve RFQ
3880140-3 Aim Press.Regulator Valve RFQ
3880190-13 Aim Lube Pump Assy RFQ
3880190-5 Aim Pump,Assy,Lube RFQ
3880200-5 Aim Pump Assy,Generator Scavg RFQ
3880200-6 Aim Pump Assy,Generator Scavg RFQ
3882491-1 Aim Nzzl & Mnfld (Pri) RFQ
3882491-2 Aim Nzzl & Mnfld (Pri) RFQ
3882491-3 Aim Nzzl & Mnfld (Pri) RFQ
3882492-1 Aim Nzzl & Mnfld (Sec) RFQ
3882639-1 Aim Valve-Fuel Check RFQ
3882730-10 Aim Control RFQ
3882730-11 Aim Fuel Control RFQ
3882825-XX Aim Apu Fuel Control RFQ
3883837-1 Aim Secondary Fuel Manifold RFQ
3886167-3 Aim Actuator (Igv) RFQ
3888076-XX Aim Igniter Lead Plug RFQ
38E109-20A Aim Regulator & Relief Valve RFQ
38E109-25A Aim Regulator & Relief Valve RFQ
3902563-01 Aim Fuel Manifold RFQ
3902764-01 Aim Ignition Exciter RFQ
3905302101 Aim Control Unit-Electronics Flight RFQ
3910046-01 Aim Inner Combustion Liner RFQ
3910323-01 Aim Exhaust Duct Support RFQ
3910361-01 Aim High Turbine Stator Retaining Ring RFQ
391041-009 Aim Compensator RFQ
391041-020 Aim Compensator RFQ
391041-022 Aim Compensator RFQ
391041-023 Aim Compensator RFQ
391041-025 Aim Compensator RFQ
422CEC Aim 8 Channel Rs-232 To Rs-422 Converter RFQ
B372BAM0508 Aim Sec - Spoiler &Amp; Elev RFQ
B372BAM0509 Aim Sec - Spoiler &Amp; Elev RFQ
MP8775 Aim Projector Lamp RFQ
7000469-915 Air Control Installations Horizontal Situation RFQ
31721531 Air Cruisers Circuit Card RFQ
65B40110-125 Air Cruisers Captains Module RFQ
65B81011-213 Air Cruisers Aileron Control Rod Assemblies B747 RFQ
65B81129-155 Air Cruisers Lh Inbd Te Flap Inbd Transmission Assy RFQ
65B81129-156 Air Cruisers Rh Inbd Te Flap Inbd Transmission Assy RFQ
65B94532-16 Air Cruisers Duct Assy RFQ
7321161001 Air Cruisers Modular-Reservoir Pressurization RFQ
7321683001 Air Cruisers Automatic Speed Brake Actuator RFQ
A5351020700701 Air Cruisers Krueger Flap RFQ
120-22547-001 Air Precision Harness RFQ
120-22548-001 Air Precision Harness RFQ
120-22548-501 Air Precision Harness RFQ
3920048-5505 Air Precision Cylinder Assy RFQ
3920048-5507 Air Precision Cylinder Assy RFQ
456006 Air Search Generator Strobe Pulse RFQ
967A0000-03 Airborne Exchanger,Heat Main RFQ
17M800-252 Airbus Digital Flight Recorder RFQ
17M800-253 Airbus Flight Data Recorder RFQ
17M800-257 Airbus Flight Data Recorder RFQ
17M800-261 Airbus Digital Flight Recor RFQ
17M800-263 Airbus Flight Data Recorder RFQ
17M900-00A Airbus Flight Data Recorder RFQ
17M900-275 Airbus Digital Flight Recorder RFQ
61585-032 Airbus Microphone Dbm`S RFQ
61620-468 Airbus Escape Slide (Boeing 737) RFQ
622-3917 Airbus Dme Indicator RFQ
622-3921 Airbus Dme Indicator RFQ
622-4572 Airbus Horizontal Situation RFQ
64510055D Airbus Circuit Breaker - 30 Amp RFQ
64510060D Airbus Circuit Breaker - 30 Amp RFQ
64510076D Airbus Circuit Breaker - 20 Amp RFQ
64510083D Airbus Circuit Breaker 20 Amp RFQ
645172-2 Airbus Vacuum Waste Blower RFQ
64520076D Airbus Circuit Breaker 8 Amp RFQ
DA01-12-10-A Airbus Grommet RFQ
36260-3071683 Airbus, Boeing Co & Atr Light Assembly RFQ
221-0671-507 Aircraft Panel Assy RFQ
233U3207-319 Aircraft Miscellaneous Switching Control Module A RFQ
233U3207-322 Aircraft Miscellaneous Switching Control Module A RFQ
7A1323-2 Aircraft Stretched Upper Deck Escape Slide Assemb RFQ
ABH7294-505 Aircraft Torque Tube RFQ
ABH7294-507 Aircraft Torque Tube RFQ
ABH7294-509 Aircraft Torque Tube RFQ
ABH7294-511 Aircraft Torque Tube RFQ
V1041J16A00 Aircraft Couple RFQ
233U3204-325 Aircraft Battery Shop Cabin Temp Mod Assy RFQ
233U3204-327 Aircraft Battery Shop Cabin Temp Mod Assy RFQ
601R47505-13 Aircraft Braking Sys Tread Anti Skid Wing RFQ
AGS1132C Aircraft Braking Sys Bolt RFQ
MS20426B2-5 Aircraft Braking Sys Rivet, Csk Hd RFQ
TE2600-5007 Aircraft Braking Sys Sectorwrenches(Setoftwo) RFQ
TE2600-5017 Aircraft Braking Sys Leaktestfixture RFQ
30J2259-01 Aircraft Braking Systems Bypass Duct RFQ
206-040-400-009 Aircraft Media Europe G/B, 90 Degree RFQ
206-040-400-011 Aircraft Media Europe G/B, 90 Degree RFQ
206-061-105-001 Aircraft Media Europe Shim RFQ
206-075-185-001 Aircraft Media Europe Rate Of Climb Indicator RFQ
04024-100 Aircraft Parts Co. Racu RFQ
04025-100 Aircraft Parts Co. Racu Junction Box RFQ
04041-114 Aircraft Parts Co. Psu RFQ
04101-104 Aircraft Parts Co. Field Y Amp /Mf RFQ
04109-200 Aircraft Parts Co. Eht Power Supply - Barco Projector RFQ
04131-114 Aircraft Parts Co. P.S Assy 230 V,X RFQ
04131-115 Aircraft Parts Co. Power Supply, Projector Ps3 RFQ

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