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With NSN Axis as your strategic purchasing partner, we streamline your procurement process from bottom to top. Utilize our one-stop-shop platform to find aircraft spare parts by part number, manufacturer, and more. We readily supply over 3 billion new and obsolete items, including 522214, 522215, 522217, 525837, 525940 by manufacturers like Airesearch, Airforce Ventilation, Airmed, Airpax, Airprecision for a wide range of aircraft models. Are you looking for parts by standards and specs? Take a look at our standards page to find parts by BAC, AN, NAS, and more. With an unmatched supply-chain, we provide the fastest lead times and turnaround times in the industry. Would you like to see a quote? Simply submit an Instant RFQ to get started. 

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
522214 Airesearch Temperature Indicator RFQ
522215 Airesearch Pressure Indicator RFQ
522217 Airesearch Potable Water Qty Ind RFQ
525837 Airesearch Washer RFQ
525940 Airesearch Valve RFQ
525950 Airesearch Valve Inwards Relief RFQ
526730 Airesearch Controller, Temperature RFQ
5956890-1 Airesearch Instrument Light Control Panel RFQ
5956907-1 Airesearch Overhead Switch Light Panel RFQ
5957065-1 Airesearch Sterng Yoyke-Pilot RFQ
60-75503-1 Airesearch Fuel Boost Pump RFQ
60-75503-4 Airesearch Fuel Boost Pump RFQ
6078T39P01 Airesearch Main Fuel Pump RFQ
6078T39P02 Airesearch Main Fuel Pump RFQ
60B00052-6 Airesearch Central Lateral Control Package RFQ
60B00109-1 Airesearch Indicators Model 1829 RFQ
60B00205-1 Airesearch Valve, Landing Gear RFQ
60B60015-2 Airesearch Absorber, Shock RFQ
60B60023-1 Airesearch Wheel Assy RFQ
60B80029-4 Airesearch Altern. Extension Elect Act RFQ
60B80050-7 Airesearch Outboard Aileron Lockout Actuator Assemb RFQ
60B80050-8 Airesearch Outboard Aileron Lockout RFQ
60B80052-2 Airesearch Automatic Speed Brake Actuator RFQ
60B90105-1 Airesearch Fire Extinguisher RFQ
60B90105-2 Airesearch Fire Extinguisher RFQ
60B90105-6 Airesearch Fire Extinguisher RFQ
62C27531-1 Airesearch Nose Gear Minor Components RFQ
63/110-24V Airesearch Distribution Unit To Spec.S75020018 RFQ
630CC01Y1 Airesearch Contactor RFQ
70-0197-1 Airesearch Circuit Breaker Box RFQ
70-0197-3 Airesearch Circuit Breaker Box RFQ
70-0217-1 Airesearch Dimmer Assembly RFQ
70-0218-1 Airesearch Dimmer Assembly RFQ
718973XX Airesearch Housing RFQ
756910 Airesearch Blade 10Th Stage RFQ
772200 Airesearch Valve RFQ
783538-01 Airesearch Liner, Liner RFQ
783539-01 Airesearch Liner, Liner RFQ
783540-01 Airesearch Liner, Liner RFQ
798636 Airesearch Duct, Duct RFQ
804030 Airesearch Fuel Nozzle & Support RFQ
804031 Airesearch Fuel Nozzle & Support RFQ
811962 Airesearch Ring T3 Airseal RFQ
8-1702 Airesearch Multible Voltage Power Supply RFQ
8171-1 Airesearch Dimmable Fluorescent Lamp Ballast RFQ
8172-1 Airesearch Supply Power RFQ
9910454-2 Airesearch Indicator RFQ
9912106-1 Airesearch Temperature Controller -Anti-Ice System RFQ
99-364207 Airesearch Pc Board RFQ
9957963-1 Airesearch Door Assy RFQ
9957963-2 Airesearch Door Assy RFQ
9958156-1 Airesearch Panel RFQ
9971014-1 Airesearch L/H Wing Track Assy RFQ
9971014-2 Airesearch R/H Wing Track Assy RFQ
A04819974 Airesearch Oil Filter RFQ
A0643089E Airesearch Motor Hydraulic RFQ
A1.5NT220 Airesearch Power Supply RFQ
A1.5NT350 Airesearch Power Supply RFQ
A116-1-2D Airesearch Bolt RFQ
H341TAM Airesearch Horizon Gyro RFQ
NS11195 Airesearch Transistor RFQ
SP122D Airesearch Washer RFQ
XV-Z91 Airesearch Projector Lamp RFQ
Y005-2 Airesearch Transformer Rectifie RFQ
ZB4BT2 Airesearch Motion Cabinet Mod, Simio RFQ
ZC-B3N Airesearch Contactor RFQ
622-5391-002 Airforce Ventilation Mode Control Panel RFQ
311469200000 Airmed Bracket Torch RFQ
3117L-B-2-1A Airmed Radio Magentic RFQ
311A1530-107 Airmed Fairing Pan RFQ
311U0050-960 Airmed Strut To Wing Beam RFQ
1151934-2403 Airpax Panel RFQ
1151934-2501 Airpax Panel RFQ
1151934-2502 Airpax Panel RFQ
1151934-2503 Airpax Panel RFQ
1151934-2504 Airpax Panel RFQ
1151934-2601 Airpax Panel RFQ
1151934-2603 Airpax Panel RFQ
1151934-2701 Airpax Panel RFQ
1151934-2702 Airpax Panel RFQ
1151934-2703 Airpax Panel RFQ
1151934-2704 Airpax Panel RFQ
3914016-5503 Airprecision Cylinder Assembly RFQ
3914016-5505 Airprecision Flap Cylinder Assy RFQ
3914625-5001 Airprecision Cylinder Assy RFQ
3914625-5501 Airprecision Cylinder Assy RFQ
3914677-501N Airprecision Splice Longeron RFQ
3915180-5001 Airprecision Swivel Gland Nlg Hydrulics RFQ
3915180-5501 Airprecision Cylinder Mlg Bungee RFQ
3915180-5503 Airprecision Gland Assy Hydrauli RFQ
3915186-5503 Airprecision Lg Swivel Gland RFQ
3915878-5001 Airprecision Manifol Brak RFQ
3915878-5501 Airprecision Manifold Assy RFQ
3915878-5503 Airprecision Manifold Assy RFQ
3916301-5001 Airprecision Manifold, Flt Splr RFQ
3917382-5001 Airprecision Cylinder RFQ
5910241-91 Airprecision Strut Assy RFQ
5910364-23 Airprecision Fwd Stairwell Door Assy RFQ
5910962-29 Airprecision Screw And Support Assy RFQ
5910962-37 Airprecision Screw And Support Assy RFQ
AI-804-BU Airscrew Horizon Gyro RFQ
AI-804-BV Airscrew Horizon Gyro RFQ
AI-804-BW Airscrew Horizon Gyro RFQ
AI-804-BY Airscrew Horizon Gyro RFQ
AI-804-BZ Airscrew Horizon Gyro RFQ
AI-804-CA Airscrew Horizon Gyro RFQ
65-59532-40 Airscrew Howden Module, F/O Flight Inst. RFQ
65-59532-43 Airscrew Howden Module, F/O Flight Inst. RFQ
65B11668-123 Airscrew Howden Wing Landing Gear Outboard Door Assembly RFQ
65B11668-125 Airscrew Howden Wing Landing Gear Outboard Door Assembly RFQ
772-5005-007 Airscrew Howden Flightdirectorind RFQ
792610 Airscrew Howden Power Supply RFQ
3505-1 Airsigma Motor Assy RFQ
3505-2 Airsigma Motor Assy RFQ
35-055 Airsigma Shut-Offvalveassembly RFQ
350584 Airsigma Starter Screen RFQ
350599 Airsigma Selector Frame RFQ
350690 Airsigma Engine Starter RFQ
350880 Airsigma Hydmotorpump RFQ
3510AM Airsigma Ic RFQ
3511-X Airsigma Motor Pump Filter Assy RFQ
351577 Airsigma Ring, Retaining RFQ
351631 Airsigma Coupling Half RFQ
351789 Airsigma Washer RFQ
352181 Airsigma Amp., Direct RFQ
352238 Airsigma Synchro Unit Transmitter Assy. RFQ
352352 Airsigma Gasket RFQ
352481 Airsigma Relay RFQ
352544 Airsigma Gear RFQ
352550 Airsigma Cam, One Dwell RFQ
352572 Airsigma Cam, One Dwell RFQ
352663 Airsigma Gear Spur RFQ
M8340102K33R0FB8 Akai Resistor RFQ
M8340102K3900GA1 Akai Resistor RFQ
793999-3 Akebia Ltd Heat Exchanger RFQ
65-24917-321 Akg A/Paccyunit RFQ
65-24917-323 Akg A/Paccyunit RFQ
5930478-516 Allen Inboard Flap And Vane Assy RFQ
65-59530-56 Allen Module, Center Inst. RFQ
79011548 Allen Pressure Control Panel RFQ
7037620-813 Allen Bradley Display Unit RFQ
709A0000-01 Allen Bradley Line Gearbox RFQ
65-1027-3 Allied Annunciator Panel RFQ
65-1027-5 Allied Annunciator Panel RFQ
65-1027-7 Allied Annunciator Panel RFQ
65-50708-8 Allied Retainer RFQ
65-50756-7 Allied Strip-Rub RFQ
9952653-514 Allied Panel Wing RFQ
AC67914 Allied Door Gust Damper RFQ
AC67926 Allied Hp Bleed Valve RFQ
CP2425A Allied Audio Cntrl Panel RFQ
CP2425B Allied Audio Cntrl Panel RFQ
CP2425E Allied Audio Cntrl Panel RFQ
CP2425F Allied Audio Cntrl Panel RFQ
CP2425H Allied Audio Cntrl Panel RFQ
DS500-1 Allied Actuator RFQ
43110-1000 Allied Signal Indicator RFQ
432907-001 Allied Signal Hp Xw6400 Ram Cooling Fan & Shroud RFQ
46-7666 Allied Signal Backup Ring RFQ
56660 Allied Signal Regulator, Hyd Flow RFQ
65B07783 Allied Signal T/E Flap Track Assy. RFQ
65B08005 Allied Signal T/E Flap Track Assy. RFQ
65B08056 Allied Signal Tail Cone RFQ
65B08059 Allied Signal Fairing RFQ
65B08078 Allied Signal Panel RFQ
65B08171 Allied Signal Panel RFQ
65B08276 Allied Signal Floor Panel RFQ
65B08422 Allied Signal Flap Assy RFQ
65B08425 Allied Signal Panel RFQ
65B08428 Allied Signal Panel RFQ
65B08535 Allied Signal Panel RFQ
65B08536 Allied Signal Panel RFQ
65B08539 Allied Signal Panel RFQ
65B08540 Allied Signal Flap Assy RFQ
65B08546 Allied Signal Panel RFQ
65B08547 Allied Signal Flap RFQ
65B08548 Allied Signal Panel RFQ
65B08698 Allied Signal Panel RFQ
65B10019 Allied Signal Door Nlg RFQ
7425030-2 Allied Signal Guide Assy RFQ
7425099-3 Allied Signal Stop Assy RFQ
7425100-2 Allied Signal Restraint Assy RFQ
7425140-3 Allied Signal Roller Assy RFQ
7425141-5 Allied Signal Support, Roller RFQ
7425150-1 Allied Signal Guide Assy RFQ
7425180-3 Allied Signal Stop/Lock Assy RFQ
7425220-2 Allied Signal Stop Assy RFQ
7425230-2 Allied Signal Stop Assy RFQ
7425281-1 Allied Signal Restraint Assy RFQ
75-0038-5 Allied Signal Annunciator RFQ
75-0038-6 Allied Signal Annunciator RFQ
75-0038-7 Allied Signal Annunciator RFQ
75-0038-8 Allied Signal Annunciator RFQ
WL501AMAJA1 Allied Signal Indicator Mach Airspeed RFQ
MI-585350-36 Allied Telesyn Radar Receiver Transmitter RFQ
505-0010-912 Allied Telesyn International Electric Directional Gyro RFQ
PV3-300-13C Allied Telesyn International Variabledisplacementhydraulicpump RFQ
392516-XX Alliedsignal Shutoff Valve RFQ
392530-10 Alliedsignal Valve RFQ
5916083-135 Allison Apu Inlet Box Assy RFQ

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