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With NSN Axis as your strategic purchasing partner, we streamline your procurement process from bottom to top. Utilize our one-stop-shop platform to find aircraft spare parts by part number, manufacturer, and more. We readily supply over 3 billion new and obsolete items, including 5916083-527, 5916333-167, 65-50820-315, 65-50820-323, 65-50820-324 by manufacturers like Allison, Alstom, Amc, Amd, American Megatrends for a wide range of aircraft models. Are you looking for parts by standards and specs? Take a look at our standards page to find parts by BAC, AN, NAS, and more. With an unmatched supply-chain, we provide the fastest lead times and turnaround times in the industry. Would you like to see a quote? Simply submit an Instant RFQ to get started. 

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
5916083-527 Allison Apu Inlet Box Assy RFQ
5916333-167 Allison Frame Assy RFQ
65-50820-315 Allison Panel Assy RFQ
65-50820-323 Allison Panel RFQ
65-50820-324 Allison Panel Assy RFQ
65-50820-349 Allison Panel Assy RFQ
315A1537-539 Alstom Blocker Door RFQ
3337L-B-6-3-C Alstom Indicator RFQ
33410LH-125-4 Alstom Adapter RFQ
3-3428-9-1657 Alstom Ind Mach RFQ
33-50-102-164 Alstom Light Assembly RFQ
33-50-103-207 Alstom Battery Power Supply RFQ
335-011-303-0 Alstom Panel,Acoustic RFQ
335-011-305-0 Alstom Panel,Acoustic RFQ
65-49509-484 Alstom O/B Flap Track Inst Comp. RFQ
2855570 Amc Thermistor Mount RFQ
4000172-8506 Amc Indicator RFQ
529308 Amc Heat Sink RFQ
65-50821-853 Amc Panel Assy RFQ
65-50999-508 Amc Tube RFQ
65-52142-503 Amc Retainer-Seal RFQ
A3251213000101 Amd Gearbox Assy Rh RFQ
965-0728-001 American Megatrends Aircraft Com. Addres RFQ
RCR32G510JM American Megatrends Resistor RFQ
321942 Americanelec Valve RFQ
MDF10 Americanelec Fuse RFQ
MF6NA Americanelec Lens, Lamp Holder RFQ
MG665 Americanelec Tape RFQ
315A1001-546A Ametek Right Fan Duct Cowl/Thrust Reverser Assy RFQ
451W1382-1 Ametek Guide Assy RFQ
451W4140-5 Ametek Cargo Guide Assy RFQ
522-2599-002 Ametek 313N-5 Vhf Comm Ctl Panel RFQ
522-2702-066 Ametek Dme RFQ
522-2754-014 Ametek 618M-1A Vhf Rx RFQ
522-2755-004 Ametek Vhf Transceiver RFQ
522-2755-014 Ametek Vhf Transceiver RFQ
522-2756-004 Ametek Vhf Transceiver RFQ
522-2756-014 Ametek Vhf Transceiver RFQ
522-2776-000 Ametek Glideslope Receiver RFQ
54020-14-1 Ametek Valve,Actuator,Motor RFQ
54020-15-1 Ametek Valve,Actuator,Motor RFQ
544286-2-1 Ametek Actuator, Rotary RFQ
544-5587-X Ametek Mechanism, Mlg Fwd. Latch RFQ
5511230-41 Ametek Shim RFQ
AIR91708 Ametek Flow Control Valve RFQ
AN816-2 Ametek Nipple RFQ
APG-6-1-41-502-A91 Ametek Strip Set RFQ
B13-941.22.05.1.AL Ametek Clock,Acft,Mech RFQ
B18-945-22-00-0-A Ametek Chronometre De Bord RFQ
B18-945-22-28-1-A Ametek Chronometre De Bord RFQ
B18-945-22-28-2-A Ametek Chronometre De Bord RFQ
CHA493-1802 Ametek Primary Bearing Assy RFQ
CHA493-1818 Ametek Shaft Assy Secondary (Lh) RFQ
CHA705-018D Ametek Flap Control Unit RFQ
CHA707-002L Ametek Flap T Gearbox RFQ
CHA707-005A Ametek Flap T Gearbox RFQ
CHA740-007A Ametek Shock Obsorber RFQ
CM-520-1-57 Ametek Valve, Shuttle RFQ
CMV3-075-1C Ametek Hydraulic Motor Assembly RFQ
CMV3-075-1D Ametek Hydraulic Motor Assembly RFQ
CP-AW2519NM Ametek Projector Lamp RFQ
CP-WX3041WN Ametek Projector Lamp RFQ
CR4624CW5-3 Ametek Rivet RFQ
CR4624CW5-5 Ametek Cherry Max Rivet RFQ
CRE212-5-04 Ametek Rivet RFQ
CS4104-103L Ametek B-747-400 Power Drive Unit (Steerable) RFQ
CTT-25-6HDT Ametek Lug RFQ
CYLB50226-2 Ametek Valve RFQ
CYLZ5694-XX Ametek Temp Control Box RFQ
CYLZ5695-XX Ametek Actuator Control Box RFQ
D10-60011-2 Ametek Transformer Rectf 20 Amp RFQ
D3337L-8-2-1-S/SB Ametek Radio Magnetic Indicator RFQ
D533-03-001 Ametek Switch Assy-Shutoff RFQ
D533-04-001 Ametek Shut-Offswitch RFQ
D533-06-001 Ametek Shut-Offswitch RFQ
D539A-4M-72 Ametek Valve RFQ
D5548941180 Ametek Altalerter RFQ
D574-43814-004-00Z Ametek Man O/R Panel RFQ
D6003-121B-400-28S Ametek Modulator, 100Hz RFQ
D925-90024-004-00E Ametek 2024 Vu RFQ
D925-90043-034-00M Ametek Light/Speaker Panel RFQ
D934-70239-202-01A Ametek Manifold RFQ
D97D00-501 Ametek Actuator,Twin RFQ
DB-1567-DV Ametek Pcb Assy RFQ
DBAF-16-148 Ametek Bushing RFQ
DH-1030-24-1200-CS Ametek Paralleling Control Box RFQ
DL1632M19-3 Ametek Actuator RFQ
DL1632M23-4 Ametek Actuator, Linear RFQ
DLH1085-155 Ametek Trolley Food RFQ
DLH294-0313 Ametek Box RFQ
DMELT14.1-1 Ametek Emergency Locator RFQ
DPXBMA-67.335-0002 Ametek Connector RFQ
DTS4SP1100 Ametek Adapter,Oxygen RFQ
EA-5175-23PTL-CES Ametek Airspeed Indicator RFQ
L14-20 Ametek Plug (Nema) RFQ
LU/762MV/BM/31/810 Ametek Tgt Ind RFQ
LV-X4E Ametek Projector Lamp RFQ
LW551i Ametek Projector Lamp RFQ
MF30-3913-2 Ametek Hyd Motor RFQ
MGG8307-928 Ametek Lamp RFQ
MGG8691-928 Ametek Lamp RFQ
MGH159-200A Ametek Motor-Generator RFQ
MGH159-200B Ametek Motor-Generator RFQ
MGH159-500A Ametek Motor-Generator RFQ
MGH182-100A Ametek Inverter RFQ
MI162BL704C Ametek Oil Temp Ind RFQ
MI5585162-2 Ametek Primus90Radarind. RFQ
MI-585020-1 Ametek Transponder RFQ
MI-585134-2 Ametek Ind Primus-40 RFQ
MI-585134-3 Ametek Radar Indicator RFQ
MI-585134-4 Ametek Radar Indicator RFQ
MI-585134-5 Ametek Radar Indicator RFQ
MI-585134-6 Ametek Radar Indicator RFQ
MI-585134-7 Ametek Radar Indicator RFQ
MI-585135-1 Ametek Rt Primus-40 RFQ
MI-585135-2 Ametek Rt Primus-40 RFQ
MI-585136-1 Ametek Antenna Pedestal RFQ
MI-585147-1 Ametek Radar Indicator RFQ
MI-585147-2 Ametek Radar Indicator RFQ
MI-585148-1 Ametek Radar Antenna Pedestal RFQ
MI-585149-1 Ametek Rt Primus-20 RFQ
MI-585149-2 Ametek Radar Receiver Transmitter RFQ
MI-585151-1 Ametek Radar Antenna Pedestal RFQ
MI-585201-1 Ametek Radar Indicator RFQ
MPT300A1/07 Ametek Tube RFQ
MR54047T-04 Ametek Coupling,Tube RFQ
MS0392-2C29 Ametek Pin RFQ
MS14183PC10 Ametek Washer RFQ
MS15570-303 Ametek Bulb Flood Lt RFQ
MS15795-808 Ametek Washer RFQ
MS15795-811 Ametek Washer RFQ
MS16555-627 Ametek Pin RFQ
MS28774-428 Ametek Retainer RFQ
MS28774-429 Ametek Retainer RFQ
MS28774-432 Ametek Retainer RFQ
MS28774-440 Ametek Retainer RFQ
MS29561-214 Ametek Packing RFQ
MS29561-216 Ametek Seal RFQ
MS29561-218 Ametek Packing RFQ
MS29561-228 Ametek Packing RFQ
MS29561-234 Ametek Packing RFQ
MS29561-341 Ametek O Ring RFQ
MS2D774-136 Ametek Back Up Ring RFQ
NAS1080MG05 Ametek Fastner RFQ
NAS1096-2-3 Ametek Screw RFQ
NAS1096-2-6 Ametek Screw RFQ
NAS1096-2-7 Ametek Screw RFQ
NAS1096-3-6 Ametek Screw RFQ
NAS1096-3-8 Ametek Bolt RFQ
NAS1096-3-9 Ametek Screw RFQ
NAS1097AD57 Ametek Rivet RFQ
NAS1097D4-2 Ametek Rivet RFQ
NAS1097D5-4 Ametek Rivet RFQ
NAS1097D5-6 Ametek Rivet RFQ
NAS1097D5-8 Ametek Rivet RFQ
NAS1097D6-5 Ametek Rivet RFQ
NAS1097D6-6 Ametek Rivet RFQ
NAS1097D6-7 Ametek Rivet RFQ
NAS109L-3-1 Ametek Bolt RFQ
NAS1102-3-7 Ametek Screw RFQ
NAS1102-4-7 Ametek Screw RFQ
NAS1104-13D Ametek Bolt RFQ
NAS1104-22D Ametek Bolt RFQ
NAS1104-24D Ametek Bolt RFQ
NAS1105-13D Ametek Bolt RFQ
NAS1105-42D Ametek Bolt RFQ
NAS11065-47 Ametek Scrapper RFQ
PA621X-13ZL Ametek Projector Lamp RFQ
PA672W-13ZL Ametek Projector Lamp RFQ
PAC-756-555 Ametek Cabin Comfort Cntl RFQ
PC-15G Ametek Static Inverter RFQ
PC-15H Ametek Static Inverter RFQ
PC-3-4BCDD-P1-S116 Ametek Host Power Supply RFQ
PC-350 Ametek Static Inverter RFQ
PC-351 Ametek Static Inverter RFQ
PC-450 Ametek Static Inverter RFQ
PCA100 Ametek Ss Power Control RFQ
PDV308 Ametek Aircraft Clock RFQ
PE1020 Ametek 12V/ 25Amp Plating Power Station RFQ
PE2240 Ametek Projector Lamp RFQ
PE5100 Ametek Projector Lamp RFQ
SP29K10 Ametek Pin RFQ
TDP-ST20 Ametek Projector Lamp RFQ
TDP-SW20 Ametek Projector Lamp RFQ
TDP-SW80 Ametek Projector Lamp RFQ
2N389 Ametek Rotron Ic RFQ
452T1009-4 Ametek U S Gauge Pin RFQ
MS24665-357 Ami Cotter Pin RFQ
MS24665-362 Ami Pin Cotter RFQ
MS24665-363 Ami Split Pin RFQ
MS24665-643 Ami Pin Cotter RFQ
MS21914-16W Ami Instruments Cap RFQ
153LA30 Amp Test Stationcircui RFQ
153LCA8 Amp Ammeter RFQ
522080 Amp Panel Assy., Nose Gear Brake Ovhd. RFQ
RJR12C7502M Amp Resistor RFQ
TLP-311 Amp Projector Lamp RFQ
2201-205ND Amplicon Airbus A330-200 Floor Mounted High Comfo RFQ
NHL6050-507 Amplicon Demountable Apu RFQ
2603561-50 Amsafe Main Wheel Assembly B747-200 RFQ

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