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With NSN Axis as your strategic purchasing partner, we streamline your procurement process from bottom to top. Utilize our one-stop-shop platform to find aircraft spare parts by part number, manufacturer, and more. We readily supply over 3 billion new and obsolete items, including 162BL602, 162BL701, 162BL702, 162BL703, 162BL704 by manufacturers like Aim, Agastat, Aerospatiale, Aerospacecompany, Aerosonic Corporation for a wide range of aircraft models. Are you looking for parts by standards and specs? Take a look at our standards page to find parts by BAC, AN, NAS, and more. With an unmatched supply-chain, we provide the fastest lead times and turnaround times in the industry. Would you like to see a quote? Simply submit an Instant RFQ to get started. 

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
162BL602 Aim Electrical Resistance Thermometer RFQ
162BL701 Aim Electrical Resistance Thermometer RFQ
162BL702 Aim Electrical Resistance Thermometer RFQ
162BL703 Aim Electrical Resistance Thermometer RFQ
162BL704 Aim Electrical Resistance Thermometer RFQ
162BL708 Aim Thermometer RFQ
162BL709 Aim Thermometer RFQ
162BL70B Aim Temp Ind RFQ
162BL710 Aim Thermometer RFQ
162BL711 Aim Thermometer RFQ
162BL801 Aim Electrical Resistance Thermometer RFQ
162BL802 Aim Electrical Resistance Thermometer RFQ
162BL803 Aim Electrical Resistance Thermometer RFQ
162BL805 Aim Indicator Temp Elect RFQ
16781-1A Aim Servo Motor RFQ
16792-XX Aim Servo Actuator RFQ
16U75060-823 Aim Test Set Stores Management System RFQ
16VE002010-3 Aim Transmitter,Liquid RFQ
16VE002010-6 Aim Transmitter,Liquid Quanti RFQ
16VE027001-3 Aim Csd RFQ
2600-60-XX Aim Flush Toilet Systems RFQ
2982290460 Aim Power Supply RFQ
2A097-0269 Aim Assy, Actuator RFQ
2A1000-1AL Aim Static Inverters RFQ
2A3442-01 Aim Outer Combustion Chamber RFQ
2A350-1B-1 Aim Static Inverter RFQ
2B-2E-126P Aim Relay RFQ
2BN-2E-126 Aim Relay RFQ
2BR-4B-126 Aim Relay RFQ
2HA-1B-126 Aim Relay RFQ
2ISY3008B1 Aim Core Speed Sensor RFQ
2K-2A-126P Aim Relay RFQ
2L15D-2.8B Aim Power Supply RFQ
2LA0039-00 Aim Light RFQ
2LA005163-40 Aim Light, Map Reading RFQ
2LA005171-00 Aim Reading Light RFQ
2LA005171-05 Aim Reading Light RFQ
2LA005171-10 Aim Reading Light RFQ
2LA005171-15 Aim Reading Light RFQ
2LA005171-20 Aim Reading Light RFQ
2LA005171-25 Aim Panel RFQ
2LA005171-65 Aim Reading Light RFQ
2LA005303-01 Aim Light Assembly RFQ
2LA1625-07 Aim Tail Light Strobe RFQ
2LA455924 Aim Info Sign RFQ
2LA455953-00 Aim Led Reading Light RFQ
2LA456600 Aim Info Sign RFQ
2TL141-10L Aim Switch RFQ
2TL-62-515 Aim Switch, Toggle RFQ
2TR-1D-215 Aim Relay, Armature RFQ
2VA39-25F1 Aim Yaw Damper RFQ
3000020085 Aim Interconnect Pcb W/ Pwr Supply Assy RFQ
3000020161 Aim Msi Power Supply Distribution Board RFQ
30-0025-10 Aim Nav. Wing Position Light RFQ
30-0025-XX Aim Light RFQ
315A2295-120 Aim Fan Duct Cowl & Thrust Rev. Parts Collec RFQ
315T1002-1 Aim Cowl,Fan Duct RFQ
315T1016-5 Aim T/R Box Assy RFQ
315T1102-1 Aim Fitting Assy RFQ
315T1102-2 Aim Fitting Assy RFQ
315T1102-7 Aim Fitting Assy RFQ
315T1102-9 Aim Fitting Assy RFQ
315T1106-2 Aim Fitting Assy RFQ
315T1106-5 Aim Fitting Assy RFQ
315T1106-7 Aim Fitting Assy RFQ
315T1210-2 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1210-4 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1210-5 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1210-6 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1212-4 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1212-7 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1212-8 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1229-1 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1229-2 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1229-7 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1229-8 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1254-1 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1262-1 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1262-2 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1262-9 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T1500-1 Aim Sleeve,Thrust Reverser RFQ
315T1502-1 Aim Panel,Acoustic RFQ
315T2011-3 Aim T/R Box Assy RFQ
315T2011-4 Aim T/R Box Assy RFQ
315T3001-9 Aim Reverser, Reverser RFQ
315T3016-2 Aim T/R Box Assy RFQ
315T3016-5 Aim T/R Box Assy RFQ
315T3056-1 Aim Manifold RFQ
315T3056-2 Aim Manifold RFQ
315T3210-1 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3210-3 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3210-4 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3210-6 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3210-7 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3212-1 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3212-2 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3212-5 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3212-7 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3212-8 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3214-2 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3214-5 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3214-6 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3214-8 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3214-9 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3259-2 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3259-7 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3259-8 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T3500-1 Aim Sleeve, Sleeve RFQ
315T3500-2 Aim Sleeve, Sleeve RFQ
315T4210-1 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4210-2 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4210-3 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4210-5 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4210-6 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4210-7 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4212-1 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4212-2 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4212-3 Aim Cacsade Assy RFQ
315T4212-4 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4212-6 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4212-7 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4212-8 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4214-1 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4214-2 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4214-3 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4214-5 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4214-7 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4214-8 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4259-2 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4262-1 Aim Cascade Assy RFQ
315T4500-9 Aim T/Cowl Lh RFQ
315U2027-1 Aim Auxiliary Re RFQ
315U4009-5 Aim Engine O/B And I/B Side Fan Duct Cowl Assy RFQ
315U4009-7 Aim Engine O/B And I/B Side Fan Duct Cowl Assy RFQ
315U4009-8 Aim Engine O/B And I/B Side Fan Duct Cowl Assy RFQ
315U4009-9 Aim Engine O/B And I/B Side Fan Duct Cowl Assy RFQ
318-65C-D1 Aim Fuel Pressure Transmitter RFQ
3186608-XX Aim Accumulator RFQ
3189690-XX Aim Le Slat Actuator Assy RFQ
31908-001 Aim Battery (28A/H) RFQ
31-9289-2* Aim Light Assy RFQ
31-9289-4* Aim Light Assy RFQ
31-9294-1* Aim Light Assy RFQ
31-9294-2* Aim Light Assy RFQ
31-9294-3* Aim Light Assy RFQ
31-9294-4* Aim Light Assy RFQ
319525-15 Aim Valve,Solenoid Assy RFQ
319545-75 Aim Load Solenoid Valve RFQ
319751-000 Aim Delay Line Amplifier Assembly RFQ
31J2857-04 Aim Bleed Valve RFQ
129682-4 Agastat Sensor RFQ
129682-5 Agastat Sensor RFQ
129694-1 Agastat Sensor RFQ
6350A5AFB Aerospatiale Oxygen Cylinder RFQ
63600-529 Aerospatiale Ac-2000 Life Preserver RFQ
63600-531 Aerospatiale Ac-2000 Life Preserver RFQ
63604-331 Aerospatiale B777-300 Evacuation Slide/Raft Door 4 RFQ
63604-332 Aerospatiale B777-300 Evacuation Slide/Raft Door 4 RFQ
638003001 Aerospatiale Power Unit RFQ
63838-101 Aerospatiale Reservoir & Valve Assy RFQ
63-9386-1 Aerospatiale Washer-Mech Shaft RFQ
63-9600-2 Aerospatiale Plate Bearing RFQ
63999-000 Aerospatiale Microphone RFQ
63999-002 Aerospatiale Microphone RFQ
63999-003 Aerospatiale Microphone RFQ
63999-004 Aerospatiale Microphone RFQ
63999-006 Aerospatiale Microphone RFQ
64000-000 Aerospatiale Headset RFQ
64479-101 Aerospatiale Reservoir And Valve Assy RFQ
64479-103 Aerospatiale Reservoir And Valve Assy RFQ
645055-XX Aerospatiale Motor Drive Fan RFQ
64510005D Aerospatiale Circuit Breaker - 15 Amp RFQ
64510007D Aerospatiale Circuit Breaker - 20 Amp RFQ
64510010D Aerospatiale Circuit Breaker - 4 Amp RFQ
64510011D Aerospatiale Circuit Breaker RFQ
64510016D Aerospatiale Circuit Breaker - 30 Amp RFQ
6JBUS Aerospatiale Fitting, Parker RFQ
473052 Aerospacecompany Smoke Detector RFQ
473054 Aerospacecompany Smoke Detec RFQ
285T0628-1075 Aerosonic Corporation Panel RFQ
285T0628-1076 Aerosonic Corporation Panel RFQ
285T0628-1082 Aerosonic Corporation Panel RFQ
285T0628-1084 Aerosonic Corporation Panel RFQ
ARC2627-501 Aerosonic Corporation Door Assembly RFQ
ARC2531-501 Aerosonic Corp Lever Assy RFQ
ARC2531-502 Aerosonic Corp Lever Assy RFQ
285T0629-80 Aerosonic Panel RFQ
394251 Aerosonic Capacitor RFQ
394333 Aerosonic Brace, Winged RFQ
394357 Aerosonic Solenoid RFQ
394596 Aerosonic Circuit Breaker RFQ
394609 Aerosonic Capacitor RFQ
394620 Aerosonic Capacitor RFQ
394684 Aerosonic Relay RFQ
394736 Aerosonic Clamp RFQ
394750 Aerosonic Bus Bar RFQ
591911 Aerosonic Simu Mach Indicator RFQ
AS-66696-XX Aerosonic Hydraulic Pump RFQ
AS-66697-XX Aerosonic Hydraulic Pump RFQ
AS-66698-XX Aerosonic Hydraulic Pump RFQ

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