Entire List of Cabin Crew Safety Component

Cabin Crew Safety Parts

Several different components contribute to cabin crew/passenger safety on an aircraft. This includes seatbelts, life rafts, evacuation slides, oxygen masks, fire detection and prevention systems, and many more pieces of technology. 

Evacuation Slides
Evacuation slides assist passengers in exiting planes in the event of an emergency. Slides are made of urethane-coated nylon that is sprayed with gray aluminized paint, which protects the slide in case of a nearby fire by reflecting heat for 90 seconds of the slide’s use. To save pack weight and decrease inflation time for new-generation aircraft, evacuation slide designers adopted a stronger fiber for the inflation tube fabric. Increasing the strength and tear resistance of the fabric enables slide inflation tubes to be designed with a smaller diameter.

Designing evacuation slides has grown more complex as the FAA has tightened performance standards. Today’s slides must deploy in six seconds in temperatures ranging from –65 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and unfurl in winds up to 25 knots (28.7 mph). Airlines impose further challenges: Slides must be light and compact enough to fit inside an aircraft door or below the door sill or emergency exit window. So, each slide is uniquely developed for its location on an aircraft model.

Fire protection, detection and suppression systems
Fire protection and detection systems are also crucial in maintaining the safety of an aircraft and its passengers/crew. These systems are designed to monitor conditions that could potentially lead to a fire within a plane, or involving flight-critical components, such as the engines and hydraulic systems. Fire protection and detection systems include many components such as smoke detectors, heat sensors, and others.

Fire suppression systems use both passive and active methods to control and eliminate fire risks. Passive methods typically involve the use of noncombustible materials, separation by routing, compartmentalization, isolation, proper ventilation, and drainage. The active methods correspond to fire detection and extinguishing systems. Transport aircraft are required to carry a minimum number of portable fire extinguishers, correlating to the number of passengers on board. Common places you may find a fire extinguisher include the cockpit, cabin, cargo hold area, restrooms, and next to the engines. Leaking fuel, hydraulic liquid spillage, and engine gas can all be potential sources of fire on an aircraft.

Part No RFQ
216695-1 RFQ
245213-0 RFQ
20D22485-6 RFQ
64413-10111 RFQ
216694-1 RFQ
900-700-048-14 RFQ
A05210155-2 RFQ
213905-0 RFQ
22D22901-151 RFQ
216200-0 RFQ
216696-0 RFQ
20D22485-109 RFQ
158562-2 RFQ
200734-0 RFQ
900-700-035-34 RFQ
BO1-210155-0 RFQ
158519-2 RFQ
900-700-035-33 RFQ
214501-1 RFQ
212900-0 RFQ
202401-2 RFQ
216119-0 RFQ
217228-0 RFQ
200632-0 RFQ
900-700-035-35 RFQ
64413-10112 RFQ
B01-210155-0 RFQ
203645- RFQ
D30664-311 RFQ
64413-10141 RFQ
64404-10214 RFQ
202664-1 RFQ
64413-10131 RFQ
64404-10111 RFQ
216665-0 RFQ
202671-1 RFQ
64404-10414 RFQ
214504-0 RFQ
4110-115-1/A0064 RFQ
216121-0 RFQ
216120-0 RFQ
D30664-511 RFQ
212006-0 RFQ
214501-0 RFQ
900-700-039-23 RFQ
212-4600-19-109 RFQ
D30664-309 RFQ
64413-10212 RFQ
202458-3 RFQ
200737-0 RFQ
22D22901-159 RFQ
904-002-475-15 RFQ
200553-0 RFQ
245213- RFQ
900700-035-34 RFQ
A07-210155- RFQ
213906-0 RFQ
900-700-048-19 RFQ
208633-0 RFQ
400-1C RFQ
201319-0 RFQ
412-378-010 RFQ
20C22487-1 RFQ
61620-468 RFQ
61639-203 RFQ
412-378-050 RFQ
23969-101 RFQ
214601-0 RFQ
158950-4 RFQ
900-002-411 RFQ
213968-1 RFQ
60592-101 RFQ
214604-0 RFQ
64413-10211 RFQ
22D22900-131 RFQ
155102-1 RFQ
214060-1 RFQ
157247-1 RFQ
200733-0 RFQ
217228-1 RFQ
206-377-054 RFQ
152247-1 RFQ
B02-210155-0 RFQ
212003-1 RFQ
200740-1 RFQ
20D22483-14 RFQ
216689-1 RFQ
201398-0 RFQ
212003-0 RFQ
D30664-309 RFQ
210225-0 RFQ
400R1-1C RFQ
D29835-229 RFQ
200738-0 RFQ
900-002-035-01 RFQ
64910-10211 RFQ
206-377-052 RFQ
900-700-035-46 RFQ
A-2000 RFQ
210486-0 RFQ
A08-210155- RFQ
62772-101 RFQ
900-700-035-25 RFQ
60128-xxx RFQ
216787-0 RFQ
900-700-035-32 RFQ
158562-3 RFQ
64910-10314 RFQ
206-377-050 RFQ
60592-203 RFQ
201318-1 RFQ
D31865-111 RFQ
202828-0 RFQ
214504-1 RFQ
900-700-035-51 RFQ
201318-0 RFQ
212063-0 RFQ
64413-10144 RFQ
900-700-035-29 RFQ
210225-1 RFQ
62772-201 RFQ
B01-210155-2 RFQ
212003-2 RFQ
A07-210155-2 RFQ
170041 RFQ
A09-210155-2 RFQ
216118-0 RFQ
200740-2 RFQ
22D22900-21 RFQ
900-700-037-02 RFQ
900-700-048-28 RFQ
15C17165-48 RFQ
217227-0 RFQ
64404-10314 RFQ
904-002-475-07 RFQ
A06-210155-2 RFQ
64404-10211 RFQ
202671-0 RFQ
200877-1 RFQ
62773-101 RFQ
202402-2 RFQ
02C64-34GB RFQ
64910-10311 RFQ
214-073-936-103 RFQ
217227-1 RFQ
D31042-205 RFQ
22D22900-12 RFQ
213968-0 RFQ
101616-105 RFQ
64413-10114 RFQ
245431-0 RFQ
A06210155-2 RFQ
60592-201 RFQ
A06-210155- RFQ
A10-210155- RFQ
A09-210155- RFQ
155103-1 RFQ
61621-469 RFQ
62771-101 RFQ
15D22129-103 RFQ
4110-120-3 RFQ
15D22129 RFQ
900-700-048-26 RFQ
B02-210155-2 RFQ
64910-10312 RFQ
A05-210155- RFQ
210479-0 RFQ
64910-10214 RFQ
245212- RFQ
A05-210155-2 RFQ
A0448 RFQ
64910-10414 RFQ
64413-10121 RFQ
212000-2 RFQ
202458-2 RFQ
214504-4 RFQ
64413-10134 RFQ
407-073-848-101 RFQ
208632-0 RFQ
60291-116 RFQ
64404-10112 RFQ
64413-10314 RFQ
210225-2 RFQ
20D22485-107 RFQ
200877-2 RFQ
64404-10114 RFQ
157350-2 RFQ
D31041-146 RFQ
B02-210155-2B RFQ
218998-0 RFQ
210224-0 RFQ
22D22900-139 RFQ

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