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NSN Axis, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, offers our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide aviation parts like Electronic Components , Switch Sensitive, Power Supply, Relay Electromagnet, Power Supply Assembly by leading the manufacturer Omron Electronics Llc. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts such as C200H-DA002, D4B 4116N+WL 2A100, S8VM03005CD, G2V-2-US-DC24, S8TS-06024-E1 with NSNs 5998014698324, 5930016595127, 6130016006441, 5945011567095, 6130016208885 are applicable within the aerospace industry, civil and defense applications, marine, and commercial industries. As a trusted AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 0056B certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

CAGE Code: F7367, K5F70, C7306, 6CDP2, 61964, 34361

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
C200H-DA002 5998-01-469-8324 electronic components Avl RFQ
D4B 4116N+WL 2A100 5930-01-659-5127 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
S8VM03005CD 6130-01-600-6441 power supply Avl RFQ
G2V-2-US-DC24 5945-01-156-7095 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
S8TS-06024-E1 6130-01-620-8885 power supply assembly Avl RFQ
D4N-4A2H 5930-01-568-7604 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
E2A-M18KS08-WP-B1 2M 5930-01-562-7307 switch proximity Avl RFQ
C200H-BC051-V2 5975-01-419-2061 chassis electrical ele Avl RFQ
PF113A-D 5935-01-565-9888 socket plug in electro Avl RFQ
S8E3-03031D 6130-01-466-6150 power supply Avl RFQ
EE-SPY311 5980-01-672-1198 semiconductor device p Avl RFQ
G6K-2F-DC5 5945-01-658-4211 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
D4N 4131 5930-01-585-5665 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
SS5GL 5930-01-490-3820 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
SRT2-MD16T 5961-01-596-9375 transistor Avl RFQ
G2R-1-SNI 24AC 5945-01-649-6027 relay assembly Avl RFQ
A16L ARM 24D 2 5930-01-625-4860 switch push Avl RFQ
H3D XC 5945-01-292-1307 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
MK3P5-I-50VAC 5945-01-440-6339 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
A6C-16R(N 5930-01-436-5456 switch rotary Avl RFQ
LY2I4N 220 240VAC 5945-01-646-1590 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
XG5M-5032-N 5935-01-623-2283 connector plug electri Avl RFQ
MY2AC 110 120(S 5945-01-678-1406 relayelectromagnetic Avl RFQ
G7J-2A2B-B-W1-DC24 5945-01-645-8889 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
C200H-OD218 7021-01-419-3565 computer digital Avl RFQ
D4A-C00 5930-01-573-1902 NA Avl RFQ
C200HW BC081 5975-01-469-8123 rack electrical equipm Avl RFQ
PTF08A 5935-01-292-2295 socket plug in electro Avl RFQ
LY2F-DC12 5945-01-321-7211 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
P2RF-05-E 5945-01-412-5120 base electrical rel Avl RFQ
G7J-4A-T-DC12 5945-01-618-8020 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
V-15-1A 5 5930-01-219-6972 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
G5Y-1-DC24 5945-01-342-7341 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
Y92A-72N 5340-01-571-5182 door access general pu Avl RFQ
MK3PN-5-S24VDC 5945-01-411-8073 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
MY2IN 24VAC 5945-01-501-9656 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
ZAQ-3PB 5930-01-620-4237 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
C200H-ID216 7021-01-419-2790 computer digital Avl RFQ
Z15GQ22-B7-K 5930-01-620-4364 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
MJ3-UA-DC12 5945-01-202-5900 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
G7L 2A BUB J CB AC10 5945-01-529-6201 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
C200H-AD002 7020-01-419-2791 computer analog Avl RFQ
XG4C 2031 5935-01-613-7884 connector plug electri Avl RFQ
MY4-AC24S 5945-01-516-1765 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
A16L-AGM-24D-2 5930-01-625-4876 switch push Avl RFQ
MY4ZN-24VDC 5945-01-433-6821 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
0613W1 5945-01-411-4681 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
MK3PN-5-I-24VDC 5945-01-457-8673 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
PF113A 5935-01-297-8547 socket plug in electro Avl RFQ
61F-GP-N8-V50 AC110 6110-01-646-3910 controller level Avl RFQ
G8P-1A2T-F 12VDC 30A 5945-01-591-2499 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
V5G-1C2445-K 5930-01-167-3412 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
MY4N 24VAC S 5945-01-597-7568 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
D2VW-5L2A-1HS 5930-01-596-2813 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
MY4NAC110 120(S 5945-01-590-0672 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
G2R-24-DC12 5945-01-443-9114 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
A3PJ-5012 6210-01-457-1679 lens light Avl RFQ
S3200-NSB11-E 5998-01-419-3569 circuit card assembly Avl RFQ
D2VW-5L1B-1HS 5930-01-420-3037 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
XG4A-6031 5935-01-623-2459 connector plug electri Avl RFQ
C200H-BC051 5975-01-314-8172 rack electrical equipm Avl RFQ
V-10-1C2-K 5930-00-990-0502 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
G2R-1-SNDI-24VCC 5945-01-565-0849 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
MK2PSAC120 5945-01-365-9954 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
MY2NDC24S 5945-01-677-5177 relay assembly Avl RFQ
61F-G2N AC 240 5930-01-457-1676 switch liquid level Avl RFQ
E2E-X2D1-M1G 5930-01-584-1197 switch proximity Avl RFQ
D4A-2501N 5930-01-541-1911 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
HL-5300-G 5930-01-526-1384 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
ZC-Q55 5930-01-618-5385 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
L272R-110V 6210-01-517-8658 lens light Avl RFQ
E2A-M30KS15-M1-B1 5930-01-566-0269 switch proximity Avl RFQ
MY2K-DC24 5945-01-469-9064 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
XG4A-5031 5935-01-623-2460 connector plug electri Avl RFQ
A20GQB7K 5930-01-381-8573 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
CQM1-ME08K 5962-01-654-8019 microcircuit memory Avl RFQ
MY3 115VAC 5945-01-419-2055 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
G2E-184P-HD-M-US-DC1 5945-01-380-2234 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
LY4N-US-120VAC 5945-01-314-1441 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
PF113A-E 5935-01-451-6411 socket plug in electro Avl RFQ
XG5M-6432-N 5935-01-623-2286 connector plug electri Avl RFQ
G8V-RH-1C7T-R-DC12 5945-01-621-8665 relay solid state Avl RFQ
G5Y1HDC5 5945-01-434-8273 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
K7L-AT50 5996-01-550-6319 amplifier data acqu Avl RFQ
G7L 1A TUB CB AC100 5945-01-663-7575 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
MY2N 24VDC 5945-01-534-9512 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
G2R-1SN-DC24(S 5945-01-432-1708 relay solid state Avl RFQ
CJ1W-PNT21 6110-01-682-2461 controllerelectrical Avl RFQ
PTF08A-E 5935-01-292-2295 socket plug in electro Avl RFQ
LY1 110 120VAC 5945-01-507-9603 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
88-21897-1 5935-01-383-2612 socket plug in elec Avl RFQ
E2S-W16 1M 5930-01-597-9225 switch pressure Avl RFQ
D2VW-01L2-1HS 6130-01-562-5437 switch door interlo Avl RFQ
MP2-CS-UA-AC120 5945-01-156-8717 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
D4N-8B2H 5930-01-597-0100 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
G2R-1-SN-AC120 5945-01-499-4797 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
G2R 2 SN 115V 5945-01-419-3206 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
PFP100N 5935-01-493-7421 bracket electrical con Avl RFQ
P2R-05P 5998-01-488-5155 printed circuit board Avl RFQ
D2D-1100 5930-01-612-3283 switch interlock Avl RFQ
A7MA-206-1 5930-01-333-8588 switch assembly Avl RFQ
8211-1023 5945-01-358-3967 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
G2RL-1 5945-01-596-9163 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
PYF08A 5935-01-621-2947 socket plug in electro Avl RFQ
WLCA32 41G 5930-01-486-9584 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
XG4A-6431 5935-01-623-2462 connector plug electri Avl RFQ
V-151-3C6-K 5930-01-626-6787 switch neutral Avl RFQ
CS1W-CN118 6145-01-580-9932 cable special purpose Avl RFQ
CPM1-CIF01 5935-01-469-8131 adapter connector Avl RFQ
MY4-12VDC 5945-01-442-4371 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
MY4H-USDC24 5945-01-523-7314 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
821-3004 5945-01-434-3234 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
LY-DC24 5945-01-524-3195 relay steering Avl RFQ
LY2DC24AMP 5945-01-433-1392 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
G7J-3A1B-B 5945-01-523-6181 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
LY2F AC110 120 5945-01-443-9108 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
MY41N-110VAC 5945-01-525-1922 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
D2FW-G273M 5930-01-671-1929 switch toggle Avl RFQ
Z-15GW543Y55-B6-K2 5930-01-336-5443 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
G7J 2A2B B W1 AC100 5945-01-617-3215 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
61F-GPN-BC-24 VDC 6130-01-657-2905 battery power supply Avl RFQ
D2HW-C202MR 5930-01-678-4374 switchsensitive Avl RFQ
H3DS MLAC34 230 DC24 5945-01-627-2918 relay solid state Avl RFQ
V-15G6-1C25-K 5930-01-617-5940 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
E2E X5F1 N 5930-01-532-1263 switch proximity Avl RFQ
LY4N-D2-DC24 5945-01-577-7723 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
MK3P5-I 110VDC 5945-01-566-0920 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
EE-SPX403 5961-01-506-2333 semiconductor device p Avl RFQ
G7J-3A1B-B-DC12 5945-01-523-6181 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
WLCA2-TS 5930-01-360-3150 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
D2D-1000 5930-01-581-4759 switch interlock Avl RFQ
G5Y-1-H DC24 5945-01-342-7341 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
MY4-24VCC 5945-01-175-5067 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
G2R 2 SNI 24DC 5945-01-535-1990 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
821-3008 5945-01-434-3233 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
LY1F 5945-01-633-5273 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
G2RL-24-DC5 5945-01-553-3226 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
S8JX-G15024CD 6130-01-683-0056 power supply assembly Avl RFQ
MK2PN-S-120VAC 5950-01-442-1976 coil electrical Avl RFQ
MK2PN-S-120VAC 5945-01-442-1976 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
V-162-1C5 5930-01-612-2816 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
V-16-1C5 5930-01-612-2817 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
C200H-SP001 5975-01-419-3582 chassis electrical ele Avl RFQ
S3200-COCH62M 6060-01-419-2053 connector plug fiber o Avl RFQ
M16-TY-24D 6240-01-622-6452 lamp assembly Avl RFQ
LY2-DC-24 5945-01-399-2243 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
OMRON LY4-AC120 5975-01-541-3727 14 pin plug in rely Avl RFQ
M16-TG-T2 6240-01-622-6454 lamp assembly Avl RFQ
M16-TG-24D 6240-01-622-6456 lamp assembly Avl RFQ
2-M4X2D 5935-01-446-8117 socket plug in electro Avl RFQ
G2R-2-SN-24VDC 5945-14-481-4732 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
V-10-1C28-K 5930-01-167-3413 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
MK2EP-VA-AC6 5945-00-499-1951 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
E2E2 X5MC1 5930-01-509-1287 switch proximity Avl RFQ
S8PS-05005CD 6120-01-628-7501 power supply Avl RFQ
A3PA 5703 05E 5930-01-354-5503 push button Avl RFQ
E2E2 X5B2 5930-01-608-2171 switch proximity Avl RFQ
G6A-274P-ST-US-DC24 5945-01-504-3740 relay motor driven Avl RFQ
D2VW-01L1B-1HS 5930-01-528-1014 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
MY2N-D2 24V DC 5945-01-419-4275 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
C200H-BC031-V2 5975-01-419-2048 chassis electrical ele Avl RFQ
MP2P-CS-DC24 5945-01-332-4413 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
PF083A-E 5935-01-383-2612 socket plug in elec Avl RFQ
MY2N-D2-DC12-S 5945-01-502-0523 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
G2R-2-SND-24VDC 5945-01-548-7956 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
G2RV-SL700-48VAC DC 5945-01-647-7473 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
M2PJ-5706-24E 5930-01-296-5183 switch push Avl RFQ
G8P-1C2T-F-24VDC 5945-01-574-2175 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
MK2EPUAAC120 5945-01-072-3291 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
MK2EPUADC24 5945-01-208-5123 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
G3RD-X02SN-US-E 5945-01-550-1431 relay solid state Avl RFQ
K8AB-PH1 5945-01-630-6408 relay assembly Avl RFQ
D2HW-C203MR 5930-01-678-4367 switchsensitive Avl RFQ
S8VT F24024E 6130-01-624-1085 power supply Avl RFQ
S8JX-G05024CD 6130-01-685-2493 power supply Avl RFQ
C200H-APS01 6130-01-419-4201 adapter power suppl Avl RFQ
S8VK G06024 6130-01-663-7654 power supply Avl RFQ
MY4N-CR-AC 220V 5945-01-683-3108 relayelectromagnetic Avl RFQ
E2B-M30LS15-WP-B1 2M 5955-01-684-6889 detectorproximityinduc Avl RFQ
G2RL 2 24VDC 5945-01-596-2870 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
G6K 2F Y DC5 5945-01-654-8032 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
G5V 2 DC12 5945-01-669-8659 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
G7L 1A BJ CB AC100 1 5945-01-617-3187 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
MHE405PGUADC12 5945-01-054-3235 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
G6L-1P-DC12 5945-01-612-0956 relay hybrid Avl RFQ
D4N 412G 5930-01-666-5196 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
D4D-1527R 5930-01-486-9599 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
D4CC-3002 5930-01-624-1086 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
D4C-1620 5930-01-675-6083 switchsensitive Avl RFQ
LY3-D-24VDC 5945-01-432-7123 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
G2RL-24 DC12 5945-01-626-0491 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
MY4AC110120S 5945-01-469-9459 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
CS1W-SCB21 5998-01-621-7543 circuit card assembly Avl RFQ
BS010 5999-01-197-2302 contact assembly elect Avl RFQ
G8P-11114P-US-DC12 5945-01-459-0114 relay electromagnetic Avl RFQ
C200H-RM201 5998-01-469-8321 electronic components Avl RFQ
J7KNA-09-10-24D 6110-01-602-9110 contactor magnetic Avl RFQ
ZEN-20C1DR-D-V2 5945-01-585-2848 relay control monitori Avl RFQ
MKS3PI-5 5945-01-671-5654 relay assembly Avl RFQ
D4A-1110N 5930-01-645-5751 switch sensitive Avl RFQ

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