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NSN Axis, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, offers our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide aviation parts like Screw Cap Hexagon Head, Nut Self Locking Hexag, Bolt Machine, Screw Machine, Pin Spring by leading the manufacturer International Organization. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts such as ISO 4014 M8X35-8.8-A2L, ISO4014-M10X60-12.9-A2D, ISO7040-M20-8-A2P, ISO4017-M8X80-10.9-A2D, ISO7040-M8-8-A2D with NSNs 5305218780409, 5305015489324, 5310123527062, 5305015783635, 5310015603013 are applicable within the aerospace industry, civil and defense applications, marine, and commercial industries. As a trusted AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

CAGE Code: I9008

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Part No RFQ
ISO 4014 M8X35-8.8-A RFQ
ISO4014-M10X60-12.9- RFQ
ISO7040-M20-8-A2P RFQ
ISO4017-M8X80-10.9-A RFQ
ISO7040-M8-8-A2D RFQ
ISO4014-M6X14-8.8-A3 RFQ
ISO7380-M8X20-8.8-A2 RFQ
ISO8752-2 5X20-A RFQ
ISO8434-1-SWRT-L10-S RFQ
ISO4762-M6X35-12.9 RFQ
ISO10513-M20-8-A2D RFQ
ISO7380-M12X25-10.9- RFQ
ISO4035-M8-05-A2-D RFQ
ISO4035-M8-8-A2D RFQ
ISO7046M5X20-8.8-A3B RFQ
ISO7380-1-M8X30-10.9 RFQ
ISO4014-M10X85-8.8-A RFQ
ISO4017-M10X20-8.8-A RFQ
ISO8746-3X8 RFQ
ISO7042-M10-8-A2D RFQ
ISO7045-M6X20-4.8-H- RFQ
ISO4762-M2X10-12.9-A RFQ
ISO4014-M10X75-8.8-A RFQ
ISO4035M16-04-A3L RFQ
ISO3601-7.65X1.78 RFQ
ISO1580-M3X35 RFQ
ISO8434-1-SWE-L10-ST RFQ
ISO4762-M5X10-A4-70 RFQ
ISO4014-M8X110-10.9- RFQ
ISO4762-M5X8-A2 RFQ
ISO8434-1-SWE-L18-ST RFQ
ISO2341-B-10X30-ST-A RFQ
ISO4032-M8-8-A2A RFQ
ISO 4017-M5X12-8.8-A RFQ
ISO1207-M2.5X6 RFQ
ISO10642-M6X10-8.8-A RFQ
ISO4017-M12X45-8.8-A RFQ
ISO4762-M6X50-A4-70 RFQ
ISO 4017-M8X25-10.9 RFQ
ISO7089-6.4-140HV-A2 RFQ
ISO4035-M16-08 RFQ
ISO7380-1-M12X25-10. RFQ
ISO7046-2-M5X20-8.8- RFQ
ISO 4762-M10X25-8.8- RFQ
ISO4014-M16X70-10.9- RFQ
ISO 7380 RFQ
ISO4017-M20X25-8.8-A RFQ
ISO7089-A15-1.0330K6 RFQ
ISO 4017-M12X40-10-9 RFQ
ISO 4017-M10X45-8.8- RFQ
ISO1234-M2X16-A2D RFQ
ISO 4017-M8X20-8.8-A RFQ
ISO8765-M16X1.5X200- RFQ
ISO4014-M10X100-8.8- RFQ
ISO7045-M5X10-4.8-H- RFQ
ISO8673-M12X1.5-8-A3 RFQ
ISO4762M2 5X16-A4-80 RFQ
ISO7380-M5X10-A2 RFQ
ISO7089-8.4-300HV-ZY RFQ
ISO4017-M10X160-10.9 RFQ
ISO2341-B-10X35-ST-A RFQ
ISO4762-M8X35-A4-70 RFQ
ISO7380 M8X25 10 9 A RFQ
ISO 4762-M8X10-8.8-A RFQ
ISO1207-M4X8-4.8-A2P RFQ
ISO8676-M12X1.25X45- RFQ
ISO4014-M16X100-10.9 RFQ
ISO 8675 - BM16X1 5 RFQ
ISO1207-M2.5X8-5 RFQ
ISO8434 1 SDS L12XG3 RFQ
ISO4017-M5X0.8X65-8. RFQ
ISO2009-M3X6-A4-70 RFQ
ISO7046-2-M6X30-8.8- RFQ
ISO13337-5X4-A2D RFQ
ISO7047-M8X16-4.8-H RFQ
EN1665-M16X2X70-10.9 RFQ
ISO7046-2-M6X20-8.8- RFQ
ISO4762-M4X10-A2-70 RFQ
ISO1580-M6X10-A2-70 RFQ
ISO4017-M8X1.25X45-1 RFQ
ISO10642-M6X12-12.9- RFQ
ISO7089-A6.4-200HV-A RFQ
ISO4014-M12X45-8.8-A RFQ
ISO1580M3X10-A2-70 RFQ
ISO8676-M10X1.25X25- RFQ
ISO4762-M16X75-10.9- RFQ
ISO7091-17.5-100HV-A RFQ
ISO7379-6X16 RFQ
ISO1207-M5X8-4.8-A2P RFQ
M16X55-10.9-B3B RFQ
ISO4017-M6X30-8.8-A2 RFQ
ISO7045-A2-M5-14MM RFQ
ISO4032-M6-8-A2L RFQ
ISO7380-M3X12-A2 RFQ
ISO10642-M6X70-A2-70 RFQ
ISO8676-M10X1.25X20- RFQ
ISO1207-M3X8-5.8-A2P RFQ
ISO4762-M8X20-12.9-A RFQ
ISO 4017-M10X25-8.8- RFQ
ISO10642-M5X12-A4-70 RFQ
ISO4017-M12X20-8.8-A RFQ
ISO7089-8-200HV-A3P RFQ
ISO4032-8MX1.25 RFQ
ISO4017 M6X25 8 8 A3 RFQ
ISO4017-M10X45-A2-70 RFQ
ISO 4017-M8X30-8.8-A RFQ
ISO7089-4-200HV-A4-7 RFQ
ISO 4017-M5X30-8.8 RFQ
ISO 7045 M5X16 A2-70 RFQ
ISO4017-M5X12-8.8-A2 RFQ
ISO4014-M10X50-8.8-A RFQ
ISO7089-8-200HV-A4-7 RFQ
ISO4017-M12X45-10.9- RFQ
ISO7089-8-140HV-A3C RFQ
ISO10642-M6X10-8.8-A RFQ
ISO 4762-M10X30-8.8- RFQ
ISO4762-M30X55-10.9 RFQ
ISO7046-M2 5X8-A2-70 RFQ
ISO4017-M6X60-8.8-A2 RFQ
ISO8434-1-SWRT-L8-1. RFQ
ISO4017-M6X12-A4-70 RFQ
ISO7380-M8X25 RFQ
ISO 1207-M2.5X8-4.8 RFQ
ISO4762-M8X12-8.8 RFQ
ISO4014-M8X90-8.8-A2 RFQ
ISO2338-A-4X10-A4-70 RFQ
ISO 2338-10M6X20-A1 RFQ
ISO 7379-12X15 RFQ
ISO8734-6X50-A-ST RFQ
ISO8740-4X28-A1 RFQ
ISO4762-M5X16-A4-70 RFQ
ISO7093-1-8-200HV-A3 RFQ
ISO7092-A4.3-140HV-A RFQ
ISO4017-M10X35-10.9- RFQ
ISO4762-M5X55-A2-70 RFQ
ISO4017-M24X60-8.8 RFQ
ISO4762-M8X16-12.9-A RFQ
ISO10642-M10X35-12.9 RFQ
ISO4026-AM4X6-45H RFQ
ISO10642-M12X25-8.8- RFQ
ISO4017-M10X35-8.8-A RFQ
ISO7046-2-M3X8-A2-H RFQ
ISO4762-M4X16-12.9 RFQ
ISO10642-M6X20-A4 BL RFQ
ISO4014-M16X75-8.8-A RFQ
ISO4035-M12-8-A2D RFQ
ISO10642-M6X25-12.9 RFQ
IS08752-6X25-FST RFQ
ISO4017-M5X8-A4-70 B RFQ
ISO7379-M5-6X30-A4-7 RFQ
ISO2341-BF8-6X30X26- RFQ
ISO1234-3 2X18-ST-A3 RFQ
ISO4017-M16X60-8.8-A RFQ
ISO-9475 RFQ
ISO1234-2X12-A4 RFQ
IOS 4762-M10X55-8.8- RFQ
ISO4017-M6X20-8.8-A2 RFQ
ISO4017-M6X35-8.8-A2 RFQ
ISO10642-M6X12 RFQ
ISO4028-AM6X10-45H RFQ
ISO4762-M10X50-A2-70 RFQ
ISO10642-M6X20-12.9- RFQ
ISO7380-M6X12 RFQ
ISO 4017-M10X40-10.9 RFQ
ISO8738-10-160HV-A2L RFQ
ISO4017-M8X20-10.9-A RFQ
ISO10642-M8X30-10.9 RFQ
ISO2338-4M6X10-A4 RFQ
ISO4762-M12X35-12.9- RFQ
ISO1234-1 6X16-A2 RFQ
ISO4017-M8X16-8.8-ZP RFQ
ISO4017-M4X10-8.8-A2 RFQ
ISO4032-M10-8-A3P RFQ
ISO4017-M8X25-8.8-A2 RFQ
ISO4032-M5-A4 RFQ
ISO10642-M10X30-12.9 RFQ
ISO7089-5-200HV-A4 RFQ
ISO1207-M4X10-4.8-A2 RFQ
ISO4762-M10X100-A2-7 RFQ
ISO3547-60-65X60 RFQ
ISO7092-2.2-300HV-A2 RFQ
ISO4762-M8X20-8.8-B3 RFQ
M8X80-10.9-A2D RFQ
ISO4762-M6X40-A2-70 RFQ
ISO4759-M6X1-12.9-A2 RFQ
ISO 7380-M4X8-A2 RFQ
ISO8734-8M8X16-A2D RFQ
ISO10642-M16X35-8.8- RFQ
IS04017M6X18-8.8 B2C RFQ
ISO7045-M2.5X8-4.8-Z RFQ
ISO4034-M6-8-A2A RFQ
ISO4032-M8-A2 RFQ
ISO-9475 RFQ
ISO4014-M10X55-12.9- RFQ
ISO2341-B-10X50-ST-A RFQ
ISO7089-19-A4-70 RFQ

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